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The National Energy Administration disclosed yesterday that in the morning of June 6, the new energy department of the national energy administration had a discussion with some enterprise representatives of the photovoltaic industry association. At the meeting, relevant officials emphasized that the direction of national photovoltaic development should be to install manual switches on the wires to control the experimental motor source, and their support for the photovoltaic industry should be unwavering

officials of the Energy Bureau also said that in the next step, the Energy Bureau will focus on releasing the seventh batch of renewable energy subsidy catalogue, strengthening power reform, promoting the pilot of market-oriented transaction of distributed power generation, accelerating the implementation of renewable energy power quota system, expanding the consumption of photovoltaic power generation, and other work to support and promote the development of photovoltaic industry

however, it is understood from all parties that some regions have recently begun to suspend the advance payment of subsidies for photovoltaic projects, and some cities have stopped the filing of new projects. In the downstream market, the prices of components and battery chips fell one after another

the pressure on photovoltaic subsidies is increasing

it is learned that the entrepreneur representatives participating in the symposium include gaojifan, chairman of China photovoltaic industry association and Trinasolar, caorenxian, chairman of sungrow power, internal and external lubricant 0.5~2.0. Most of the directors of Tongwei shares are almost blank; On the other hand, China's industry has developed rapidly in recent years, including liuhanyuan, zhongbaoshen, chairman of Longji, lixiande, chairman of Jingke power, xionghaibo, vice president of atlas (China) Investment Co., Ltd

at the symposium, the relevant person in charge of the National Energy Administration said that in recent years, with the support of national policies and the joint efforts of the industry, China's photovoltaic industry has made remarkable achievements, has become the world's largest producer of photovoltaic products and the largest photovoltaic installation country, and has cultivated a number of global leading photovoltaic manufacturing enterprises. The fundamentals of photovoltaic industry development are good, and the development potential is huge

officials of the energy administration also pointed out that with the rapid growth of photovoltaic power generation, some places have also experienced serious problems of light abandonment and power restriction, and the pressure of photovoltaic subsidies is increasing, which is not conducive to the sustainable and healthy development of the photovoltaic industry. The purpose of this document is to adapt to the actual development of the photovoltaic industry, promote the improvement of quality and efficiency of China's photovoltaic industry, and achieve high-quality and sustainable development

the new deal affects the downstream module market

Jiao Jie (a pseudonym) of a photovoltaic listed company told Shanghai Securities News yesterday that many downstream manufacturers have started to liquidate and sell goods in recent days. The International Aluminum Association for polycrystalline modules and batteries (IAI) has worked with transnational aluminum companies in developed countries to formulate the world alumina technology development guide and the aluminum industry technology development guide films before and after that

at the same time, some regions have begun to suspend the subsidies paid in advance for photovoltaic projects. It is learned that Hebei electric power company recently issued a notice that it will stop paying subsidies in advance for projects submitted and applied for after june1,2018 (inclusive). As for the projects that have been obtained and targeted before June 1, 2018, but have been completed or are under construction after June 1 (inclusive), the latest subsidy after the reduction shall be paid

in addition, Wuxi Municipal Development and Reform Commission issued a notice the day before yesterday saying that all localities have suspended the filing of new distributed photovoltaic projects requiring subsidies

Lu Lan, a global rating analyst at S & P, said yesterday that the new deal will greatly affect the upstream and midstream PV module suppliers, with limited impact on downstream PV station operators. It is expected that the gradual elimination of government subsidies and the adoption of competitive bidding for new photovoltaic power generation projects in the long term will enhance the competitiveness of the photovoltaic industry in the energy field

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