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Industry surplus highlights power batteries or polarization

with the implementation of the new energy subsidy policy on the eve of new year's day, the new energy automobile industry chain has been adjusted for more than half a year. However, due to the crazy expansion of production in 2016, the segments of the industrial chain were mixed

it was learned from relevant channels that on January 6, lithium carbonate manufacturers for power batteries reported that 2. The prices of startup, shutdown and cleaning were generally increased by 1000-3000 yuan

2016 is the year of new energy vehicle policy adjustment. Affected by this, the sales growth of new energy vehicles fell sharply, resulting in a cumulative 24% drop in the price of battery grade lithium carbonate since last April. This is the first time in 8 months that lithium carbonate manufacturers have raised their prices

however, qinhuanping, an analyst at Baichuan information, is not optimistic about the price increase. "Two days ago, there was a rumor that the quotation of the enterprise was raised by 500 yuan, but there was no deal. Although the inventory was much lower, there was no big gap between supply and demand." According to her analysis, the price increase of enterprises is more of a mentality until there is a through crack, which shows the willingness to support prices in the future after the introduction of the new deal

as of january2017, the market price of lithium carbonate for battery has not increased, and the market is on the sidelines

it is also difficult to return to the original flatness cobalt. The biggest change of the new deal is that it puts forward very high requirements for endurance mileage. In order to meet the new requirements, the cathode material of power battery will be transformed from the current mainstream lithium iron phosphate route to the ternary route, namely nickel cobalt lithium. Cobalt has become a popular lithium battery upgrading material, and the new output of ternary materials soared in 2016. For this reason, since July last year, the cobalt price has been on the move, and the price of cobalt sulfate for power batteries has increased by more than 50%

cobalt is mainly used in 3C electronic field. Due to long-term oversupply, cobalt prices have been at the bottom since 2008. For the rapid and substantial rise of cobalt price, hecongying, an analyst of Shanghai Nonferrous Metals, believes that it is more market speculation expectation, and the supply and demand side of the industry is not greatly short of demand. If we consider that Shaanxi Huaze, a wholly-owned subsidiary of the company, and Xingwang holdings signed the framework cooperation agreement on jointly investing and establishing a joint venture and financing the construction of Xi'an new material project in Xi'an on february23,2016, it is still surplus. At present, the industry is in the early stage of de stocking, and there are few orders near the Spring Festival. However, cobalt resources are scarce, the supply is relatively monopolistic, and the price is easy to be hyped

as the world's largest demand country for power batteries, about 90% of China's Cobalt raw materials are imported from Congo. Affected by the recent political turmoil in Congo, the import of cobalt raw materials in the country fell sharply this year

the slow expansion of lithium and cobalt ores makes the industry more sensitive to their price changes. On the demand side, gaoxiaobing, an analyst at the Institute of advanced industry, believes that it is expected to take at least one month for the new energy vehicle market to restart, and the growth rate of new energy vehicle sales in 2017 is expected to be only 50% - 100%. At this stage, the price rise of lithium and cobalt is not caused by demand

compared with the rise of upstream mineral prices, other products of power batteries are not so happy. It is learned that electrolyte, diaphragm and other channels are still reducing prices, and the quotation has not increased recently. Due to the substantial expansion of production in the last two years, the overcapacity of power batteries and related materials has become prominent. According to the data, the first half of 2017 was the intensive production period of lithium hexafluorophosphate and diaphragm. The new capacity of diaphragm will be doubled. The electrolyte capacity increased by about 60%

in 2017, the new energy vehicle market returned to normal, which played a certain role in digesting the excess capacity of power batteries. However, Gao Xiaobing predicted that under the pressure of excess capacity, price competition and raw material prices, the key word of the lithium battery industry in 2017 was "polarization", and the low-end repeated capacity was facing elimination and backwardness. The power battery industry would undergo major changes in the next three years

insiders believe that the competition between lithium hexafluorophosphate, which accounts for 80% of the market, and the diaphragm, which is also relatively concentrated in supply, is better

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