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Trump came to the "Grandma's home" as a guest, and the organization that hit the French nuclear power plant with a drone came after it.

original title: Trump came to the "Grandma's home" as a guest, and the organization that hit the French nuclear power plant with a drone came after it [text/observer Wang Hui] Scotland is trump

original title: Trump came to the "Grandma's home" as a guest, and the organization that hit the French nuclear power plant with a drone came after it.

[text/observer Wang seeks the best material Hui] Scotland is where Trump's mother was born, but people here don't welcome him

according to the guardian, after a two-day working visit to the UK, US President trump set out for his golf resort in Scotland on the 13th local time. As a result, three words floated in the sky: no standard! (trump: well below par)。

source: Daily Mail

"I've arrived in Scotland. I'll spend two days at trump tempelle resort, holding meetings and playing golf, and I'm hopeful to play golf - my main form of sports! The weather is good, this place is great! I'll go to Helsinki tomorrow, and I'll meet Putin on Monday."

trump wrote on twitter on the 14th

Trump's Twitter screenshot

"Scotland is close to trump's heart". The Daily Mail reported that his mother Mary Ann McLeod was born in Scotland and then immigrated to the United States in 1930

trump also said at the joint press conference of Teresa may that Britain is a special country. His mother was born in Scotland, and he will raise the relationship between the United States and Britain to the highest level

however, what trump never expected was that Scotland was not inferior to England in its protest against him. There were not only protesters blocked outside the stadium at his "Grandma's house", but also "air strikes"

let's see the video:

observer Video: Wang Kerong

this air Raider is from Greenpeace, which hit the French nuclear power plant with a drone not long ago. This time, the equipment they chose was a paraglider

according to the daily mail, the protester broke through the security line built by Scottish police at a cost of more than 5million pounds, and flew around and around the tanbailey resort with a yellow banner with "trump: no standard" on his glider

Scottish police stared at the paraglider, and the sniper on the roof also picked up the gun

at this time, trump also witnessed all this on the lawn outside the hotel. The senior staff of his team were also photographed staring at the banner, and some even picked up photos

when the protester passed for the third time, the police car began to chase, but finally the protester escaped

the guardian quoted Scottish police as saying on Saturday that "the police are investigating the perpetrators", which was indicated by K, while the official twitter of Greenpeace UK had already posted a video

"we attacked trump on his golf course. Trump didn't believe in climate change, so he let the United States withdraw from the Paris Agreement and burn more climate damaging coal. We can't let him finish playing golf quietly and leave..." Greenpeace UK wrote on twitter

screenshot of Greenpeace's official twitter

the organization said that they had alerted the police to the protests in advance

Greenpeace spokesman Ben Stewart said: "Teresa may should not allow trump to visit the UK with dignity. Most British people are shocked by his words and deeds. In short, he is the worst in history, from the beginning of ordinary parts to structural parts and functional parts. This is why he should be labeled as' inferior 'and fly over his head."

in addition to the "air raid" drama, the Scottish public parade also arrived at Trump's holiday beach

according to the guardian, and in cooperation with many colleges and universities, after learning the news of Trump's arrival in Scotland, more than 50 protesters gathered near the cordon of tambailey beach at noon, waiting for the president to appear

around 2 p.m., Trump came to the stadium near the beach and was greeted by the boos and shouts of protesters, "without trump, there would be no racial discrimination in the United States..."

amid the protests, trump waved helplessly to the rally in the stadium

video screenshot of the observer, the same below

at the same time, nearly 10000 marchers marched on the streets of Edinburgh, and the parade finally reached meadows Park in the south of the city center. There, families sat in the sun, enjoying picnics, music and speeches by local activists

trump, who came to the "Grandma's house" as a guest, was also not welcomed by the local government. Only Scottish Minister David Mundell gave a simple welcome when trump and Melania stepped down from air force 1. No members of the Scottish government were present

trump also did not ask for a meeting with Nicola sturgeon, chief minister of Scotland. Sturgeon has been publicly criticizing Trump's policies. A former official said that sturgeon "completely hates" trump

during Trump's two days in Scotland, sturgeon will lead the LGBT parade in Glasgow

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