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Shantui excavator happy Qilu trip

Shantui excavator happy Qilu trip | Shenyang Junda Weiye Construction Machinery Co., Ltd. came to visit and exchange

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on October 31, Dong Xianjun, general manager of Shenyang Junda Weiye Construction Machinery Co., Ltd., and a delegation of 15 people came to visit and exchange. Li Jun, marketing director of Shantui excavator, Wang Hongyu, director of customer service department, Wang Junwei, deputy director of marketing management department, and relevant personnel of all departments gave a warm reception

at about 10:00 a.m., at the invitation of the company's leaders, president Dong attended the launching ceremony of "Leaping over 6000 to 10000 sets" of Shantui excavators, and jointly launched the ceremony with Lun Xueting, deputy general manager of Shandong heavy industry group, Secretary of the Party committee and chairman of the board, and Wang Fei, deputy secretary of the Party committee and general manager

then, accompanied by the relevant leaders of the company, president Dong and his party successively participated in the destruction of two air bags in the current garbage clearing device and visited the assembly branch, servicing workshop, metal structure branch and the party masses cultural center. During the visit and exchange, president Dong listened carefully to the introduction of the heads of various departments, and then tightened the samples, and from time to time communicated in detail with the relevant heads on all links of the production process of Shantui excavator

finally, the two sides held an exchange and negotiation meeting. At the meeting, director Li Jun once again welcomed the guests. President Dong thanked our company for its warm hospitality. The two sides discussed the development and construction of their respective enterprises. Li Jun introduced the production and sales of Shantui excavator to president Dong in detail in the past year. He said that after several years of development, with the strong support of the group, the production and sales of Shantui excavator have increased steadily. With the company completing the "123" strategic planning goal formulated by the group two months in advance, it is bound to usher in the next step of great development. President Dong said that he was very happy to attend the launching ceremony of "running over 6000 to 10000" with President Lun and President Wang, and to witness an important moment in the development history of Shantui excavator. Through this visit, I saw the quality of Shantui excavator, the passion and efficiency of the factory staff, and the bright future of Shantui excavator. At the meeting, the two sides also discussed other relevant issues

through this communication, general manager Dong Xianjun and his delegation learned about the construction and operation of the factory base, the pressing of the "check and hit/7" key, as well as the production process and manufacturing process of excavators. President Dong said that the Qilu trip gave the company's team a more detailed understanding of Shantui excavator, further enhanced the team's confidence in winning and challenging new heights, and hoped to strengthen exchanges with our company and promote the common development of both sides

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