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The user visit of "heart to heart Wanli travel" of Shanzhong reconstruction machine entered Yangzhou

the user visit of "heart to heart Wanli travel" of Shanzhong reconstruction machine entered Yangzhou

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in order to maintain regular customers, improve service quick response ability and parts supply ability, continue to improve product quality and improve user satisfaction, Shanzhong's service team galloped on the road of heart to heart travel with users again. Although it is a rainy season with continuous cooling, the service enthusiasm of the visiting team is only increasing. On October 22, the visiting team arrived at Yangzhou, the first city of the canal in China

after the user of the "heart to heart journey" of the mountain reconstruction machine visited Yangzhou

arrived in Yangzhou, everyone immediately took action. Zhang Yangpeng, the customer service department, first came to the dealer, organized an MC new product exchange and explanation meeting, and gave a detailed introduction to MC new products, so that dealers who can greatly extend their service life can have a more detailed understanding of the performance and details of the new products

then, the interviewers held their own responsibilities and carried out the visit activities with the increase of CPE consumption

the service personnel of Shanzhong reconstruction machine check the equipment for users

boss pan is a loyal user of Shanzhong brand. Our visiting team conducted a detailed inspection of boss Pan's products, solved the existing problems on site, and informed the operators of the daily maintenance items that should be paid attention to, as well as the introduction to the use of work mode, etc

during the exchange, we learned that boss pan recognized the new mc76 product, especially satisfied with the product quality, performance and fuel consumption, and also put forward many constructive suggestions to us. He said: "among domestic excavators, the Shanzhong brand is still reliable."

boss Pan had two excavators before buying mc76, one is Yamazaki's jcm907b, and the other is Komatsu pc70. Boss pan made a decision when purchasing Yamagata mc76, which made him the focus of the circle, that is, to replace the Yamagata mc76 of the same tonnage with a Komatsu pc70 that has only worked for 3000 hours. He said, "my 907b has been used for more than 8000 hours, and it has hardly been repaired. I check whether the emergency stop switch is in the screwed up state for quality. It is recognized that the after-sales service is also timely. If there is any need, I will arrive at the scene soon. I have no worries at home, so I will change the products to Shanzhong brand, rest assured!"

for boss Pan's answer, our visiting team has more confidence and morale. At the same time, we also express our gratitude and respect to boss pan, a loyal user

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