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In 2009, China's machine tool industry's first set of Review

the successful development of the new structure five axis blade machining center

was jointly developed by Sichuan Changzheng Machine Tool Group Co., Ltd. and Dongfang turbine works. With the international advanced level, the domestic first xkh2000 five axis linkage blade machining center was successfully developed and passed the appraisal

xkh2000 five axis blade machining center is a new type of blade machining machine tool, which adopts today's advanced and reasonable technology: the turntable has the characteristics of large torque, fast response, high precision and good wear resistance; The spindle has a wide range of speed changes, and the transmission mode of double gear clearance elimination is selected. The distribution of transmission parts is reasonable, and the performance is superior, which improves the positioning accuracy and repeated positioning accuracy of the machine tool; The tool change is accurate and reliable, which overcomes the defect that the tool and blade are damaged by the sliding of the spindle box due to sudden power failure; It ensures the high accuracy and reliability of the machine tool, and can meet the processing of blades with a length of 2000 mm and a diameter of less than 500 mm. The movable column layout makes the machine tool have good proximity performance and good operation comfort

shrinkage s of large and Heavy CNC roll mill in Xianfeng machine tool factory is expressed by the following formula: s={(D-M)/d} × 100% (1) machine successfully developed

the first batch of three mk84250 large and heavy-duty CNC roll grinding machines designed and developed by Guizhou Xianfeng machine tool factory have passed the Guizhou provincial technical appraisal and successfully passed the user acceptance. The maximum grinding diameter of mk84250 heavy-duty CNC roll grinder is 2.5m, the maximum center distance is 11m, and the maximum weight of the grinding workpiece is 250t. It is characterized by a professional host entity with super large specifications and extra heavy loads; Strong and efficient CNC grinding performance; Have independent roll measuring mechanism; Equipped with automatic auxiliary box turnover and workpiece "soft landing" buffer function; It can be equipped with domestic advanced automatic flaw detection device for workpiece roll surface. The successful development of mk84250 large and Heavy CNC roll grinder is of great significance to the revitalization and development of national major equipment manufacturing industry

the first milling machine production line in China has been successfully developed.

Qiqihar Second Machine Tool Group Co., Ltd. has successfully commissioned China's first fully automated production line of heavy-duty aluminum ingot combined milling machine independently designed and developed for the large aircraft project of Southwest Aluminum Group at one time. After testing, all technical indicators have reached the world's advanced level, thus ending the history of China's complete dependence on imports of similar machine tools, and accelerating the manufacturing speed of China's large aircraft

this high-tech modern processing equipment is a high-end product of Southwest Aluminum Group's project of processing domestic large aircraft aluminum strips. It is the first fully automated production line of domestic heavy-duty CNC gantry aluminum ingot combined milling machine with completely independent intellectual property rights, which is independently developed by Qi'er machine tool. It solves the problem that the production of aluminum products depends on imported equipment, is restricted and controlled by foreign enterprises, and the production efficiency of domestic equipment is low

Tianshui Xinghuo 150t CNC heavy-duty horizontal lathe successfully developed

cck61350 developed by Tianshui Xinghuo Machine Tool Co., Ltd × one hundred and twenty × 150s CNC heavy horizontal lathe "has passed the appraisal of scientific and technological achievements, and its technical level has reached the international advanced level.". The "cck61350" developed by spark technology center took 4 months × one hundred and twenty × 150s CNC heavy-duty horizontal lathe "uses electronic chain instead of mechanical transmission chain for the first time, removing a large number of transmission gears."

the spindle servo motor designed by this product is directly connected with the spindle box I-Axis main drive system, which has excellent power torque characteristics. The spindle speed range is 0.4 ~ 80r/min, and the motor power is dc160kw; The machine adopts a new spindle structure and bearing configuration, and makes corresponding optimization and improvement on the bed and bed tail. The bed adopts an integral sand sealing structure and a reasonable rib layout to ensure high rigidity and precision retention. The allowable load between the two centers of the main machine is 150t. Jinan No.2 Machine Tool double dragon gate mobile mechanical five axis CNC boring and milling machine is successfully developed

the first xkv2745 in China developed by Jinan No.2 Machine Tool Group × The 200 double dragon gate mobile mechanical five axis CNC boring and milling machine has passed the national acceptance. The double dragon gate mobile mechanical five axis CNC boring and milling machine developed by Jinan No.2 Machine Tool Group has broken the foreign technological monopoly and solved the problem that the national power generation industry, especially in the left and right levelness, urgently needs large-scale turbine blade processing equipment. This one is 4.5m × 20m double dragon gate mobile mechanical transmission five axis linkage NC boring and milling machine, with advanced five axis linkage heavy cutting characteristics, completes the precise cutting of complex three-dimensional surfaces, improves the accuracy and surface roughness of the machined surface of the workpiece, and reduces or cancels the subsequent manual grinding. Thus, it solves the problem of improving production efficiency and workpiece accuracy, meets the needs of China's Three Gorges Project and major power generation, shipbuilding and military industries, and gets rid of the dependence on foreign technology

Qier machine successfully developed the world's largest Ultra Heavy CNC Floor milling and boring machine

China's first, the world's largest and completely independently developed tk6932 ultra heavy double column CNC Floor milling and boring machine was successfully developed in Qier machine tool. This machine tool is made for CITIC Heavy Industry, The deformation of materials can be divided into elastic deformation (the original shape can be restored by withdrawing the external force) and plastic deformation (with the withdrawal of external forces, the original shape cannot be restored, and the completely independent intellectual property rights have reached the international advanced level. It can process super large workpieces such as aerospace, large mining machinery, large hydropower units, nuclear power plant equipment, etc., breaking the monopoly of Western technology, filling the domestic gap, ending China's long-term dependence on imports, and providing valuable experience for the extreme manufacturing of other Super Heavy CNC machine tools in China.

The boring shaft diameter of the machine tool is 320mm, the column stroke is 41m, the spindle box stroke is 8m, the ram stroke is 2m, and the total weight is 760t. It mainly adopts a number of key new technologies, such as large column optimization design technology, square ram extension linearity servo compensation technology, RAM and boring shaft thermal extension compensation technology, heavy-duty high-speed main shaft temperature rise control technology, heavy-duty counterweight vibration reduction and so on. It has successfully developed the first in China Tk6932, the world's largest ultra heavy double column CNC Floor milling and boring machine, has passed user acceptance, and all technical indicators have reached the international advanced level. This product is therefore listed as one of the top ten landmark equipment in the national "Eleventh Five Year Plan" major special machine tool industry

Zoje machine tool successfully assembled the world's largest span radial drilling machine

Shenyang machine tool Zoje drilling and boring machine factory successfully assembled the world's first largest span radial drilling machine z30100 × 65. The span of the drilling machine is up to 6560mm. In addition to the long span of the cross arm, the guide rail surface of the cross arm of the machine tool is just opposite to the traditional rock drill. According to the eccentricity between the axis of the main shaft of the rock drill and the center line of the headstock, the designer changed the rock drill style. On the premise of greatly shortening the length of the rocker arm, the maximum distance between the center line of the main shaft and the outer column bus was increased by 300mm, which can meet the processing needs of large parts

Ji'er fully automatic fast flexible stamping line has been successfully developed

the national science and technology support plan project "development and development of fully automatic fast flexible stamping production line" undertaken by Jinan No.2 Machine Tool Group (hereinafter referred to as Ji'er) has passed the national acceptance. The successful development of this project marks that the large-scale rapid flexible stamping technology in China has entered the international advanced level by allowing the addition of pigments and additives, which provides strong support for promoting the autonomy of domestic automotive industry equipment and the development of high-quality, high-grade and high automation

at the acceptance report meeting, experts from the evaluation team from the Ministry of science and technology, the Machinery Industry Federation, Shandong Province and Jinan City agreed that the subject innovatively researched and developed a number of key technologies such as large tonnage and long stroke eight connecting rods, whole line rapid feeding, multi-point unloading of presses, and full-automatic rapid die change of the whole line, aiming at the requirements of high efficiency, high precision, flexibility, automation and intelligence of the stamping production line, It can produce 12 large car panels per minute, and the full-automatic mold change time of the whole line is less than 5min; The manufacturing accuracy of the press is 20% higher than the current national standard; The destacking, feeding, forming and stacking are all automated, which can realize remote communication and fault diagnosis. Large span Super Heavy CNC machine tool was born in Beiyi

the world's largest span Super Heavy CNC machine tool xka CNC bridge gantry turning and milling compound machine tool was born in Beijing No.1 Machine Tool Plant

the crossbeam of xka machine tool adopts a vertical static pressure guide rail design different from the previous horizontal static pressure guide rail of the bed and sliding seat, so that its plastic coating surface has no direct contact with the column guide rail, and has the advantages of never wearing and large bearing capacity. In the assembly, the two assembly technologies of measuring the static pressure float of the beam at many places and the oil pressure of each oil pocket measured by Germany are effectively combined to solve the problem of the static pressure of the beam

g42250 super large gantry horizontal band sawing machine was successfully developed.

the g42250 super large gantry horizontal band sawing machine independently developed and manufactured by Chenlong sawing machine Co., Ltd. was successfully handed over to Shanghai Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd., which is the largest gantry horizontal band sawing machine in China at present. In recent years, with the successive development and use of hydraulic, wind power and nuclear power technologies, there is an increasing demand for large forgings, accompanied by how to complete the end sawing of large forgings before finishing. The maximum sawing specification of g42250 super large gantry horizontal band sawing machine is 2 500mm × 2 500mm。

the first fully automatic multi wire slicer in China has been successfully developed.

the first fully automatic solar multi wire slicer in China has been successfully developed in Jiangsu Wuxi Kaiyuan solar energy equipment Technology Co., Ltd., which fills the domestic gap and forms advanced technologies with multiple independent intellectual property rights in the field of multi wire cutting technology, which has realized the substitution of imports for processing equipment in China's photovoltaic industry, and has found a path of self innovation and development, At the same time, it also provides domestic top-notch special equipment to promote the development of photovoltaic industry in Wuxi and even the whole country

the full-automatic silicon wafer multi wire slicer adopts precision spindle manufacturing technology, precision rolling guide rail technology, automatic control technology of constant expansion and tightening force of wire, manufacturing, renovation and durability technology of wire guide wheel, and through the research and application of mortar supply system, it has the performance of cutting two 300mm polysilicon and monocrystalline silicon in both positive and negative directions. Compared with the internal circle cutting technology in the past, it has small warpage, good parallelism The total thickness tolerance (TTV) has the advantages of small discreteness, small cutting loss, shallow surface damage layer and low surface roughness value of silicon wafer

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