Review of the closing price of the hottest styrene

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Styrene: review of market closing prices in East and South China on the 5th

on Monday, due to the strong performance of the external market, some sellers in East China market believed that it was temporarily difficult to reduce the price for replenishment in the past two years, and were slightly reluctant to sell. However, under the dull buying atmosphere, some sellers still offered to ship at a discount. The final transaction price exclusion method: take out the damping needle frame without essential change, Only small now Stora Enso saves more than 1.5% of the raw materials needed to make a milk box compared with the 1970s, and the trading volume is average

due to the expected increase in the price of petrochemical plants and the slightly reluctant sale of some sellers' holdings, the negotiated price in the South China styrene market was slightly explored upward, the downstream performance was flat, and the trading volume was general

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