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A week's market review of the domestic Styrene Market

after the rise of international crude oil, the mentality of merchants was slightly suppressed, but supported by factors such as the soaring external market, the continuous decline of domestic inventory and the positive procurement of downstream buyers during the week, the market price rose sharply at the beginning of the week with the help of the research center. Domestic factories also followed the market and raised their quotations twice, with an increase of yuan/ton within the week. Jinxi Petrochemical temporarily selected the non cutting rectangular sample on Wednesday: the shipment was stopped for one day, and the delivery was resumed on Thursday. Guangzhou Petrochemical has a weekly maintenance plan in July, and the time has not been determined. Daqing Petrochemical resumed normal operation this week, and Daqing Zhonglan petrochemical plant continued to shut down. From the perspective of safety, there was no amount of release. On the market side, affected by the sharp rise in crude oil closing on Monday, the domestic market raised prices sharply on Tuesday, with East China rising by more than 200 yuan/ton that day, and North and South China also rising by yuan/ton. After that, crude oil continued to fluctuate and decline, but the external market was supported by the tight and sharp rise of pure benzene and ethylene, and the external market of styrene in Asia continued to rise sharply. Therefore, good and bad news offset each other, and the market was mainly high consolidation. This trend continued until the weekend. In addition, this week, many large orders of single ton were traded between yuan/ton in the market. This week, the downstream demand was good, and the market supply consumption was fast. The inventory in East China remained at a low level of about 35000 tons, and the inventory in South China also hovered around 4000 tons. By the close of trading on Friday, the East China market negotiation was firm at yuan/ton, with Ningbo market at the high end and Jiangsu market at the low end; North China market delivered at RMB/ton; South China has negotiated in yuan/ton, and the high-end market is Fujian market

East China: on Tuesday, the Styrene Market in East China rose driven by the sharp rise in crude oil closing on Monday. Since Wednesday, the oil price has turned into a volatile decline, and the market began to consolidate at a high level. It was mainly supported by the sharp rise in the external market and tight inventory that it did not follow the decline of crude oil. This week, the Asian external market continued to rise, with the price equivalent to RMB as high as RMB/ton, much higher than the domestic market. Moreover, although there are many arrivals in East China, most of them are from downstream factories, and the market volume of goods is still limited. Inventory continued to decline this week, about 35000 tons. This week, a number of large quantities of goods were traded, and the overall performance was good. On Friday, Asian large orders were also reported, and the market was optimistic

South China market: this week, the Styrene Market in South China has been showing a volatile upward trend. At the weekend, the price in Fujian exceeded 9000 yuan/ton, and the price in Guangdong was also in yuan/ton. The price of Sinopec Huanan company, a local factory, was increased by 400 yuan/ton, 8600 yuan/ton in Maoming, and 8700 yuan/ton in Guangzhou. Guangzhou Petrochemical has a one week maintenance plan in July. Maoming Petrochemical unit is unstable and its inventory is not large. The shell unit operates normally and is mainly supplied to the contractor. The local market inventory is about 4000 tons in the week

northern market: this week, styrene in the northern market surged, and local factories continued to raise prices, with rising prices. During the week, the increase rate reached 300 yuan/ton. The price delivered to North China at the beginning of the week was yuan/ton, and at the end of the week, it rose to yuan/ton. During the week, the local demand was acceptable, the downstream took goods actively, and the trading atmosphere was good

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