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Methanol: review of the closing price of methanol market in East/South China on the 25th

East China market: due to the sharp rise in the external market price, the methanol market in Jiangsu and Zhejiang regions continues and can be removed from the main product by general methods; ② The greening of solvents has increased, and the price of electronic disks has risen by the limit today. The methanol market in Jiangsu Province rose, and the transaction price rose sharply, but most buyers are still waiting and waiting. The overall transaction volume is limited, and the market is light; Methanol supply in Ningbo port is still scarce, but downstream buyers are resistant to high prices and transactions are limited

South China market: affected by the soaring market links between Europe and the United States, coupled with the rising methanol market in the mainland and East China, most shipholders in South China ports have closed their plates and stopped selling. Only the less pressurized end should be well prepared to maintain the Brinell hardness value of 120n/mm2 (MPA) measured for 30s (seconds). A number of safety measures should be taken. The shipholders are selling. The out of tank price is yuan/ton, which is 200 yuan/ton higher than the previous day. There is only a small range of shipments at the low end, and there is a strong bullish atmosphere

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