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Tesla () has obtained a new patent: the sealing of piston rod in vehicle glass system is the most concerned problem of users. Functional interlayer

Tesla () recently disclosed a new patent, which mainly relates to the glass structure of vehicles, especially the glass structure with stacked interlayer made of various materials in order to improve strength and function. This patent can improve the design and manufacture of glass structures and increase the overall structural strength, "At the same time, improve the flexibility and functional design of decoration.

in general, the glass structure of the car includes: the outer layer of glass, the inner layer of glass, and the stacking interlayer between the opposite surfaces of the inner and outer layers of glass. The stacking interlayer includes at least two interlayer substrates and at least one interlayer substrate after decorative treatment. This patent provides the vehicle glass structure (such as windows) System and technical examples. Compared with the traditional glass structure, the disclosed structural example can provide higher strength and function on the vehicle

in an example of using sticky soft rubber on the surface in contact with the sample, the strength of the glass structure is increased by adding a stacked interlayer between two pieces of glass, rather than a single sandwich substrate material. The stacking interlayer includes a plurality of interlayer substrates on which required decorative or functional elements can be added. In the manufacturing process, these elements are added to the interlayer substrate to reduce the stress of the glass layer

for example, in the traditional window structure, the decoration is usually composed of ceramic frits, and must be fired together with the glass in order to stick the ceramic to the glass. This process reduces the overall strength of the glass and is prone to problems. On the contrary, in the structural example of this disclosure, the decoration can be printed on the sandwich substrate. This process can be carried out before the substrate is integrated into the glass structure, and the glass is not exposed to the fire of ceramic firing, so as to maintain the strength of the glass layer. Based on the traditional manufacturing process, the dimensional stability of the traditional window structure may be reduced and optical distortion may be increased

Xiaobo learned that as early as early January, Tesla also applied for a new glass technology patent, which is called "automobile perforated thermal insulation glass structure". This technology aims to better reduce the noise and control the temperature in the car. The company said that this glass structure would be an ideal choice for controlling the temperature in the vehicle. It could reduce the load of the vehicle's HVAC system to a lower level, thereby improving the efficiency of the vehicle

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