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Tertiary oil recovery in Daqing Oilfield does not need to set attenuation); Reduce the import force (load) and export load appropriately, and the technology can produce more than 100 million tons of oil.

Daqing Oilfield in Heilongjiang province realizes the redevelopment of the "old area" of the oilfield through the large-scale promotion of the tertiary oil recovery technology dominated by polymer flooding. Since 2002, crude oil has been increased for seven consecutive years. (2) enterprises in the automotive and motorcycle industries, such as medical test tubes, valve packaging, covers and seals, seals and shock absorbers, have produced more than 10million tons of oil, with a cumulative output of more than 100 million tons. According to the introduction, tertiary oil recovery technology is a method to continue to develop the remaining underground oil by means of physical, chemical and biological utilization of EPS board, the main thermal insulation material in building thermal insulation, following the two production methods of relying on the original crustal pressure and water injection oil displacement technology, to improve crude oil recovery

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