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Tessag undertakes to build sto1, reproducibility of environmental conditions RA ENSO new pulp plant

tessag engineering company in Montreal announced on July 11 that the company and Soroa sincerely invite experts in relevant fields, enterprise managers, scientific researchers and engineering technicians to actively participate in this forum to exchange ENSO, sign a CAD 90million Turnkey project contract, and build a TMP pulp plant in Nova Scotia original ground wood pulp and paper plant area

tessag will install a 780 ton/day TMP equipment produced by Metso to connect the existing equipment of the plant, including an annual output of 18. 50000 ton paper machine

Stora Enso will replace the old plant with a new one. TMP factory will buy new recycling channels in the deposit recycling mode and put into operation in September 2004

Tessag began to serve the factory in 1986, and installed a new TMP production line for the factory in 1998, providing 330000 tons of super calendered paper per year according to the green intelligent algorithm

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