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PTA or weak shock in terminal demand

PTA futures in Zhengzhou fluctuated narrowly on the 28th, and rose sharply in the late trading. The main contract 1205 closed at 9086 yuan/ton, up 34 yuan/ton. The international situation has temporarily eased, the domestic downstream polyester polyester production and marketing rate has rebounded, and the PTA spot price has also rebounded. However, the signs of the traditional textile peak season expected by the industry are not obvious. Terminal textile demand is still weak. With the start-up of terminal looms gradually returning to the normal level, the de stocking work is still in progress, and Zheng PTA is expected to continue a short-term shock

crude oil futures on the New York Mercantile Exchange (NYMEX) closed lower on the 28th, as investors took profits and intensified concerns that the recent surge in oil prices would harm economic growth. NYMEX April light sweet crude oil futures fell $2.01, or 1.9%, to $106.55 a barrel. Ice North Sea Brent April crude oil futures contract settlement price fell $2.62 to $121.55 a barrel, down 2.1%

in the domestic market, the overall market confidence is still weak. Strong raw materials, weak downstream, polyester short market mentality entanglement. Some quotations are still down today. In terms of quotation, the price of polyester staple fiber fell by 50 yuan to 11650 yuan/ton; The price of bottles and chips is temporarily stable at 11750 yuan/ton; The price of polyester chips fell by 25 yuan to 10850 yuan/ton. At present, the operating rate of looms in Jiangsu and Zhejiang has dropped to 63%

pta upstream, due to the impact of Western sanctions, Iran's oil production and sales need bio based chemicals - chemical synthesis - Bio based low rolling resistance green tires, the crude oil futures price remained strong volatility, and the speculative anti cracking mortar discount was greater than the customer's increase in NYMEX crude oil options. The net multiple head external PX price rose by $13 to $1665/ton, and the PTA production cost was about 9200 yuan/ton. In 2012, PTA capacity increased and expanded to 30million tons, an increase of 50% over 2011 and 100% over the end of 2010. The capacity expansion was serious

in the downstream, the overall production and sales of Jiangsu and Zhejiang polyester rose from the previous week, and the overall production and sales rose to between 80% and more than 100%. Of course, the production and sales of some high price manufacturers have not been significantly boosted. Xiaoshao polyester fiber overcame the difficulties of spray free flow marks and welding lines as a whole, and maintained stability, with local small drops; At present, the inventory of each enterprise is high, and effective shipment is still the primary sales premise of each enterprise; The quotation of mainstream polyester enterprises in Wuxi is fixed, and the transaction negotiation discount is 100 yuan/ton

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