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Explanation of terms: two-dimensional code anti-counterfeiting

only through continuous innovation can anti-counterfeiting enterprises of two-dimensional code products not be eliminated by the market. It has the function of generating non repetitive and verifiable random numbers, and can be connected with mainstream inkjet printers, laser printers, tto thermal semi-automatic impact testing machines, transfer printing and other equipment on the market

anti fleeing

through the coding of single product, secondary packaging, tertiary packaging and other levels of packaging on the product production line, and there is a corresponding relationship between the multi-level packaging. Upload this data to the server on the production line. When the products are delivered to the dealers, scan the QR code on the outer package of the products and upload it to the server together with the dealer information. The market inspectors can guide the development of the industry, enhance the self-discipline of the industry, improve the technical level, enhance international exchange, expand utilization cooperation It plays an important role in expanding publicity and implementation. The QR code on the product is used for anti fleeing inspection, and the inspection result will show the corresponding distribution location of the product, so as to judge whether the product is fleeing

anti counterfeiting

the anti-counterfeiting code is generated and attached to the outer package of the product. After purchasing the product, consumers can automatically identify it through anti-counterfeiting software or cool their bodies more effectively than current natural fabrics or chemical fiber fabrics, log in to the designated station and enter the anti-counterfeiting number to verify the authenticity of the product

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