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Teri will set up a joint venture in India

the Hangzhou Based Teri Machinery Co., Ltd. will form a joint venture with its Indian Agent st Engineers (P) Ltd. to produce injection molding machines in Tamil Nadu, southern India

harminder Singh, vice president of ST company, told the Indian plastics exhibitor in 2015 that he had bought 13 acres of land in Coimbatore and was ready to build a factory

the company acts as an agent to distribute models of more than 1000 tons of Terry company, and also acts as an agent for models of tons of j.i.t., a Filipino injection molding machine manufacturer

the Indian government has implemented anti-dumping on injection molding machines below 1000 tons to protect the country's injection molding machine industry

st company began to distribute injection molding machines as an agent in 2013, and had previously engaged in sales, service, equipment support and other businesses. In 2014, the company sold 135 injection molding machines

singh said that the company's strength is sales, service and distribution. Now it wants to try to enter the manufacturing field ① it can be made into various shapes

the first phase of the joint venture will produce up to 250 tons of injection molding machines. In the future, it will be expanded to 550 tons according to market demand

the price will be equivalent to that of Indian brands, but the functions are good

the new plant will also include the random error of Taiwan's manfor experimental machine: the mold center established in cooperation with D Machine Co. Ltd. under the same conditions

the investment details are still being finalized, but the initial capacity of the plant is likely to be 300 units per year. 1. Operating procedures

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