The hottest Tesla is launched in Firebaugh, Califo

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Tesla launched the world's largest super charging station in Firebaugh, California, USA

previously, Tesla's largest overcharge stations in the world were all in China, with a total of three, all equipped with 50 overcharge piles, of which two were in Beijing and one was in Shanghai

with the commissioning of the new California overcharge station, the record was broken

in fact, Tesla just announced last week that more than 20000 super charging piles have been put into use in the world to replace cables in case of damage

it is worth mentioning that Tesla overcharge station has a very large area of solar roof, which can not only be used as a sunshade and rain proof device for cars, but also as a power source for equipment. According to Jinan new era Gold Testing Instrument Co., Ltd., the universal experimental machine is an ideal cost-effective experimental system power source for Wang Longzhang Institute of scientific research, metallurgical construction, national defense and military industry, colleges and universities, machinery manufacturing, transportation and other industries

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