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Terex AC 700 crane assisted the restoration project of the French Pantheon

Terex AC 700 crane assisted in the completion of the 04 special adjustment work. The restoration project of the French Pantheon

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Guide: Paris, France, in December 2013, the magnificent stone pillars of the Pantheon were engraved with a line of inscriptions for the great people, and the motherland remembers you. In the process of repairing this most famous architectural monument, Ponticelli, a French construction group, called Terex amp; reg; AC 700 ...

Paris, France, December 2013 - a line of inscription "dedicated to the great people, the motherland remembers you" is engraved on the magnificent stone column of the pantheon of sages. In the process of repairing this most famous architectural monument, Ponticelli, a French construction group, called its Terex AC 700 all terrain crane to help lift a complex scaffold structure

In 1791, the pantheon of sages was changed into the hall of fame of the French Republic, where many great people respected by the Chinese people slept. The writers buried in the Pantheon are Rousseau, Voltaire and Hugo; Scientists: Pierre Curie and Marie Curie; There are also famous heroes such as Jean Mulan. The last celebrity to be buried was Alexandre Dumas, whose ashes were moved in 2002. The Pantheon was built in and designed by French architect sufro. This building is located on the famous Montagne Sainte Genevi è ve mountain and adopts neoclassical architectural structure as a whole. It was originally the patron saint Church of Paris. In 1789, the French Revolution kicked off a magnificent curtain and changed the course of history: the Church of Saint genevieva was separated from religion and changed into an ancestral hall for storing the ashes of French historical celebrities. Every year, more than 700000 tourists visit the temple, which symbolizes the national spirit

with the passage of years, the pressure on the arch, crack seepage and corrosion of metal expansion components have cracked the surrounding stones, seriously affecting the stability of the building structure. To this end, the French National Heritage Center, the main management unit of national monuments, has carried out a large-scale restoration project. The first phase of this restoration work will continue until 2015, starting with the superstructure up to 82 meters (nearly 270 feet). There is a big problem in this restoration work: the ancestral hall should remain open to the public during the restoration period

the columns of the Pantheon are thin and vulnerable to damage. In order to repair its superstructure without using the building itself as a support, the colonnade columns supporting the dome will be fully covered with independent scaffolding. In order to lift the 350 ton scaffold into the air, echafaudage in Paris designed a bench shaped metal structure for it. The structure is fixed on the cylindrical base with steel hoops, and there are four support legs below, each of which is 37 meters high, and is fixed with micro piles. One of the support legs will serve as the base of the tower crane (96 meters high). When assembling the scaffold, Ponticelli invoked its Terex AC 700 all terrain crane. The crane is equipped with a 42 meter luffing jib and a 140 ton counterweight. "It is not easy to get the necessary permission to enter the center of Paris to install this kind of equipment. What it creates is a flexible, collaborative, networked and intelligent industrial manufacturing mode. But it has proved to be the best choice for this kind of project," explained St é phane yorgui of Ponticelli's engineering department

it only takes four weeks for each structure to be hoisted to the required position. The largest of these structural elements is 20 x 20 meters in size, weighs 42 tons, and must be lifted to a height of 40 meters. In order to match the replacement principle, it is not applicable to the following situations: combining different lifting curves, Ponticelli's operation team used 42m luffing jib and various main boom extension arms and bending parts

since the crane operates around the Xianxian temple, the crane operator must readjust its position every time he lifts. This is a major problem to be considered when selecting the crane configuration, because the time required to partially disassemble the crane during each relocation will seriously affect the overall progress of the project. Since AC 700 can be moved in the construction site with complete assembly, Ponticelli's operation team can move the crane only by removing the 80 ton counterweight after selecting the configuration

before each lifting, the components of this huge reinforced structure are placed on the ground for installation for lifting operations. "These operations require the highest level of accuracy, because the assembly position of the structure is only a few centimeters away from the building. The operation requires great patience, and no difference is allowed," stressed Dejan kostovski, project manager of the scaffold company Paris charpente. "The crane operators showed excellent technical level under this difficult condition. During the operation, the ancestral hall continued to open to the public, and the whole site was crowded, which increased the difficulty of the operation," he added

Franck Mikaelian, the main operator of the crane, has used Terex crane for more than 10 years and has 4 years of AC 700 operation experience. "I really like this crane," he said. "You can adapt quickly when you start. It's very comfortable to operate, accurate to operate, and powerful."

after several weeks of careful planning and four weeks of precise implementation, the structure is assembled and will be used for large-scale repair projects. "The work went very smoothly this time. Crane operators are real professionals and have provided very valuable suggestions to our team. We may also cooperate with them again during disassembly," Dejan kostovski concluded

terex AC 700 all terrain crane introduction

terex AC 700 all terrain crane is one of the most powerful 700 ton telescopic boom cranes, which can be driven with a complete 60 meter (196 foot) main boom (axle load no more than 12 tons). The crane adopts the patented side pull super lift (SSL) system, which increases the lifting capacity, especially when working with a large angle jib. Due to the use of star shaped outriggers, the deformation of the system is reduced, and the 12.2 x 12.4 meter support foundation brings excellent lifting capacity. The crane achieves the perfect integration of large lifting capacity and compact chassis (length is only 18.6 meters). The most advanced engine and automatic gearbox give the crane excellent power. The four drive axles (3+4 and 8+9) are equipped with differential locks. The unparalleled mobility of the crane allows it to come and go freely at the construction site: eight steerable axles (and). In order to make the whole more perfect, the crane also adds an automatic leveling mechanism. The crane can be equipped with a meter long luffing jib. In a few simple steps, the luffing jib can be modified into a fixed jib (m) or a light jib (m)

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Ponticelli fr è res was founded in 1921 and started with the assembly and maintenance of industrial chimneys. This family enterprise 4-ball testing machine, also known as 4-ball machine and 4-ball friction and wear testing machine, quickly won a reputation for its reliable professional service and excellent working attitude, especially in the field of assembly and hoisting. The company actively uses the achievements of technological development and innovative materials to gradually enter other fields (machinery and piping systems), becoming a leading enterprise in the field of construction services, specializing in the petroleum, petrochemical and energy industry sectors. Subsequently, Ponticelli fr è res began to develop overseas, applying its expertise gained in the French market to the overseas market, while carefully maintaining the correctness of the development route and being loyal to its reputation: strict punctuality, safety and environmental protection, customer first. Ponticelli family still owns more than 80% of the shares of the company, so Ponticelli fr è res is still an independent company with stable shareholders to ensure its basic value

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