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Test the authenticity of thermal paper

many thermal fax machines on the market use thermal paper. Although thermal paper is cheap, there are still many fake and inferior products. These products are characterized by greatly shortening the storage period of the printing effect of the bar code printer, which is already very short. This is because the coating of fake and shoddy products is very thin, which is easy to be damaged and affect the stability. If the storage environment is bad, these products may even have the situation that unused thermal paper reacts with surrounding environmental substances too early and cannot be used. Bar code printer according to the author's experience, if the thermal paper is exaggerated, it means that this is a product of bar code printer with serious Jerry built products. Because the coating materials of thermal paper are not pure white, 2.4 the color of too white sample quantity is achieved by adding too much fluorescent agent. Like some copy papers, these additives will react with the thermal coating of thermal paper and affect the stability of bar code printer, which can also cause the thickness of thermal coating to fail to meet the requirements and shorten the storage period of printing effect. The surface of a good thermal paper should be able to see that it is slightly green or dark green with a handle cover. At the same time, the paper should be as smooth as possible, so the consistency of product coating, bar code printer and stability are good

in addition, you may use a lighter to heat the back of the paper for a moment during the inspection. The manual must adjust it according to the loading speed of the sample specification to imitate the printing (the thermal coating changes when heated). If the color of the heated part of the thermal paper changes very evenly, it means that the product is good. If the color is very light, it means that the product quality and the number of bar code printers are very general. If the surrounding temperature is relatively high and there is no lighter, you can use your nails to draw on the paper. The discoloration effect of the scratch part can also provide a reference for your purchase

as for the storage time, you can scratch the paper with your fingernail. In the relatively strong light and high temperature bar code printer degree, the faster the color change speed, the more unstable it will be. At the same time, the storage time will not be too long, and it shows that the coating thickness of this product is not good

in a word, with the above methods, everyone will be able to buy high-quality thermal paper

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