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Terex south road machine energy saving and environmental protection diesel electric crawler mobile jaw crusher

Terex south road machine energy saving and environmental protection diesel electric crawler mobile jaw crusher

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Terex South Road Machine Terex South Road Machine j-1175e diesel electric crawler mobile jaw crusher is a consideration of Terex south road machine according to the changing market demand and environmental factors, Launched a new product. The equipment has high output and good performance. While retaining the original Terex jw42 main engine and heavy vibrating grate feeding, the small diesel engine is only responsible for driving the crawler to walk and the equipment to stretch and fold. After the equipment arrives at the construction site and is in place, it is connected with external power supply, and the main engine, feeder, belt separator and other operation and production are electrically driven. High output, low energy consumption, less emissions, more direct and effective logistics and transportation, and maximized cost reduction

the reduction in production cost and the retention of the advantages of the original crawler type mobile jaw crusher, the product of Terex south road machine ---- diesel electric crawler type mobile jaw crusher, have brought more flexible production combinations while significantly reducing the operating cost. Therefore, the customers of Beijing Miyun resolutely chose the equipment of Terex South road machine among many crushing manufacturers

At present, this equipment serves the local large-scale sand and gravel aggregate manufacturer in Miyun, Beijing, and is mainly used for crushing at the front end of the mine. With the continuous advancement of the blasting surface of the customer's mine, the difficulty of material transfer is highlighted, and the j-1175e is placed at the end of the blasting surface, After primary crushing, the materials are transferred to the original fixed crushing production line by belt conveyor or truck. The materials after initial breaking are easy to transfer, the material pile is more dense, the truck body capacity and transportation volume will also increase. When the equipment arrives at the construction site, it drives the crushing equipment through external power supply, which greatly reduces the energy consumption cost. Compared with 175 (pure diesel engine drive) of the original J-1, which sold about 85 million vehicles worldwide this year, the energy consumption cost of the j-1175e has been reduced by two thirds, and the annual diesel cost has been saved by more than 1million yuan

due to the stable operation, safety and environmental protection of Terex South Road crane equipment on site, the equipment fully meets the requirements and policy support of Beijing for equipment in terms of dust and noise reduction, which has brought rich returns to the customer. "Guidance Opinions" emphasizes that customers are very satisfied with the equipment and service of Terex South Road Machine (Terex south road machine manufacturers and agents provide customers with 24-hour professional services). The perfect operation of j-1175e in Beijing will open a new chapter in the sales and service of Terex South Road Machine in the market of North China

j-1175e features:

diesel engine driven crawler walking and equipment stretching and folding. After the equipment is in place on the construction site, the external power supply provides power for the operation of the host and other operations

the electric control switch and control system are equipped with safety interlock to ensure that the engine does not start when the machine is working

the electric drive system is simple, efficient and reliable, reducing equipment maintenance costs

the cost of power consumption is reduced by more than two-thirds compared with diesel

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