Double pressure on the hottest production capacity

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Double pressure on production capacity in the off-season makes it difficult for glass to be optimistic in the future Price trend chart

according to the monitoring of business agency, the glass price fell last week. The glass price was 1432.8 yuan/ton at the beginning of the week and 1429.6 yuan/ton at the weekend, a decrease of 0.22%

II Market analysis

last week, the domestic float glass price showed a downward trend. The glass price in Shahe region was reduced by 16 yuan/ton, that in North China was reduced by yuan/ton, that in East China was reduced by yuan/ton, that in Central China was reduced by yuan/ton, and that in South China was relatively stable

the price of soda ash fluctuated with each other, which had limited support for the price of glass.

the price of heavy soda ash fluctuated upward last week, with the price of 1621.43 yuan/ton at the beginning of the week and 1652.86 yuan/ton at the weekend, an increase of 1.94%. The price of light soda ash decreased, with the price of 1561 yuan/ton at the beginning of the week and 1556 yuan/ton at the end of the week, a decrease of 0.32%. Soda ash prices rose and fell this week, and there is limited room to support glass prices

as of the end of November, the inventory increased, and the new capacity was to be released.

as of the end of November, the total number of national float production lines was 312, and the float glass inventory was 28.2 million heavy boxes, an increase of 170000 heavy boxes month on month. At present, the actual production capacity of float glass in China is 890million heavy containers, with a year-on-year increase of 17%. A production line with a production capacity of 90million heavy containers has been completed and is waiting to be put into production

double pressure on production capacity in the off-season is difficult to be optimistic about the future market of glass.

in November, the industry added two new lines, one cold repair line, and the emission of cold repair and shutdown was also lower, accounting for 18.45%. At present, there are 13 completed ignition lines in the country, accounting for 6.47% of the current production capacity. How can it also violate the price of the foam granulator? Among them, the northeast region is under the dual pressure of increased production capacity and off-season sales. In November, the 800 ton/day glass production line of Jilin Shuangliao Yujing Glass Co., Ltd. was ignited. Due to the snowfall, all manufacturers took goods slowly, and the glass inventory increased; The glass market in southern China is relatively optimistic, and manufacturers have strong price support sentiment

the construction rate is reduced, and some workers' expenses return home

the business community indirectly learned from the glass manufacturers that the construction situation in the south is relatively stable, and has not yet formed a negative impact on the glass. However, due to the snowfall weather in the north, the construction rate has been significantly reduced, and some site workers have begun to return home. Therefore, the downstream demand of the northern glass market has also entered the "winter"

III Aftermarket forecast

at present, the new glass production line has entered the stage of capacity to be released, and will be put into production in a short time. As the Spring Festival is approaching, construction will gradually slow down, and construction workers will return home in succession. Glass analysts of business society believe that the glass market is under the dual pressure of capacity release and consumption off-season, and in the short term, glass prices may have a downward trend

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