Dot pretreatment of the hottest label before print

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Point preprocessing before label printing

after the color manuscript is scanned and input into the computer, it also needs to carry out step compression processing on the image to realize the ideal point restoration. In general, the gradient density contrast of the manuscript with medium and high contrast is mostly larger than the gradient density range of the printed matter, so linear equal proportion average compression cannot be performed during gradient adjustment compression. The high and middle tone levels should be compressed less, and the dark tone levels should be compressed more, so that the density difference between the high-key levels is widened, the theme level of the middle tone is deeper, and the density of the dark tone level is flatter. For the color separation curve, at the 50% point, the general product point needs to be compressed by 15%. Offset printing in high gloss 3, wear rate can be absolutely. And do continuous tone image flexo, in general, should be given 2% to 3% protective points

in all kinds of printing methods, point expansion will be encountered more or less, especially in flexographic printing and offset printing. 1. The fixture point of a small experimental force will increase. According to Feng Yi, the product developer, for flexographic printing, there is not only a problem of a little increase, but also the combined effect of bending and deformation of printing plate, resulting in the problem of flexographic printing deviation. According to this situation, it is generally necessary to make a test printing plate, carry out printing experiments, obtain the information of increase and deformation according to the experimental results, and carry out compensation processing through prepress processing

in the prepress stage, there are mainly two pretreatment methods to "reduce" the size of points to compensate for the increase of points in printing: one is the adjustment of the hierarchical curve of point increase, which is completed before the film is produced, and the other is the calibration of Laser Phototypesetting, which is completed during the film is produced. It is suggested to adopt the second method. According to the characteristics of the printing method, the dot increase of the printed sample of the film calibrated by the laser Imagesetter is significantly reduced, and the dot increase in the middle adjustment is 5% to 10% smaller than that of the ordinary printing plate, and 0.5% to 3% dots can be clearly reproduced on the film and printing plate

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