The hottest terpolymer replaces PVC

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Terpolymer replaces PVC

Dow Chemical Company has recently developed new varieties of polymers, including polyethylene/syndiotactic polypropylene (pe/"spp after two years), conductive Tpos, new index mixture and ethylene styrene propylene terpolymer (es as long as conditions permit P)

blends of linear low density polyethylene (LDPE) and syndiotactic polypropylene are used in hot water pipes and automobiles. This blend has good heat resistance and slow crystallization rate. Conductive TPO materials are used to make tags hung on car bumpers. This material can improve the quality of anti-static paint, can fuse with carbon, and obtain the required performance when the sensor is under the effect of tension P. Index es copolymer is used to make injection molding toys. This material can be mixed with ES copolymer or PS to obtain large tension and excellent paintability. At low temperature, the thermal stability and toughness are relatively good, which can replace soft PVC. ESP terpolymer is produced by Dow Chemical's single active catalyst technology. Single active catalyst is used to produce index ethylene styrene (ES) copolymer. EPS can form semicrystalline, and it may also be used as amorphous material

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