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Glass futures promote the sustainable and stable development of the industry

glass has the characteristics of high marketization, high standardization and large market scale, and meets the basic requirements for listed futures varieties. The current research and development of listed glass futures will contribute to the sustainable, stable and healthy development of the glass industry

glass futures will have an impact on the glass industry mainly in the following four aspects

leading, providing glass enterprises with channels and risk management tools to effectively avoid risks. Since 2000, China's glass market can be summarized as "stable growth of production and sales, gradual increase of inventory, large price changes and obvious benefit fluctuations". Influenced by the national macro policy orientation, real estate development trend, export situation and other factors, the uncertainty faced by the glass industry has increased. For production enterprises, continuous glass production is not suitable for large-scale long-term storage. It is difficult for production enterprises to respond to market changes by adjusting inventory. No matter how much output or how the price changes, they must ship. Glass manufacturers have no say in the pricing of their main costs (soda ash and fuel), and cannot transfer adverse fluctuations in product prices by adjusting cost prices. On the contrary, they need to accept all changes in cost prices. Due to the lack of price discovery mechanism, most enterprises determine their production and operation activities according to the changes of spot prices. When prices are high and profits are good, they go to new production lines one after another, but when prices are low and profits are poor, they have to shut down, seriously affecting the smooth operation of enterprises. Futures market can provide enterprises with predictable future price trends. It is an effective channel for enterprises to avoid risks and a tool for risk management

for glass processing enterprises, because their products are more personalized, they usually have orders to determine product specifications, quantities and prices before purchasing and production. Therefore, glass processing enterprises are "locked in one end", and their profits depend on the price of the original glass. After the listing of glass futures, processing enterprises can use the futures market to enrich their business model, and lock in their product prices and raw material costs, which is conducive to expanding their business scale, reducing business risks and improving their profitability

second, provide strong financial support for relevant enterprises. The futures market implements the margin system, gives full play to the fund leverage of the futures market, and greatly improves the utilization rate of funds of relevant enterprises. After the glass futures market is listed, under the strict credit guarantee system, financial institutions can also provide futures derivative services such as warehouse pledge to relevant enterprises, so as to improve the capital operation ability of enterprises. At present, the domestic glass industry has entered the era of high cost support, and listed glass futures can provide strong financial support for relevant enterprises

third, it helps to form and improve the influence and position of China's price if the machine is in standby mode in the international glass market. China is the largest glass producer in the world, but it is not a strong glass country. There is no real Chinese glass price. There are many enterprises in the industrial chain of glass production, processing and sales, with large market scale and active spot trading, which has the spot basis for forming the Chinese price in the international glass market. Listed glass futures will help to optimize the formation mechanism of glass prices, provide an open, fair and just third-party price signal for the market, gradually form a glass benchmark price with credibility for the whole country and even the world, play a role in promoting and optimizing the rational allocation of resources through market prices, and enhance the status and influence of China's glass prices

fourth, it is conducive to the adjustment of industrial structure and the realization of the objectives of the 12th Five Year Plan for flat glass. Through the research and development of glass futures contracts and the design of system rules for listing close to the needs of the spot market, and the implementation of the adjustment of premium grade and well-known brand premium delivery system, the product structure can be guided and optimized, and the product quality and the explanation concentration of some polymer material phenomena in glass production and life can be improved. Through the reasonable layout of delivery sites, it can promote the orderly transfer of glass production to areas rich in resources and energy, and guide glass deep-processing enterprises to focus on the layout and development around consumption areas or flat glass production areas. Giving full play to and making use of the basic functions of the futures market is conducive to promoting the "12th Five Year Plan" of the glass industry. However, the steel mills are taking a cautious wait-and-see attitude towards the adjustment of coke price for the time being

to sum up, the launch of glass futures will make the production and operation mode of relevant glass enterprises more flexible and have a stronger ability to deal with the risk of price fluctuations. At the same time, it also puts forward higher requirements for relevant enterprises. How to make good use of the futures market to escort enterprises will have a direct impact on the production and operation activities of enterprises

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