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The seminar on glass futures and industrial risk management was held in Zibo. On June 30, the equipment was often used by Zibo Finance: the seminar on glass futures and industrial risk management hosted by the communication office, CO organized by Zheng Shangsuo and Shandong Jinjing Technology (600586, Guba) Co., Ltd., and undertaken by Zhaojin futures was held in Zibo. The participants discussed the current macroeconomic form, the current situation of the glass industry, the contracts and trading rules of glass futures and the hedging skills of glass futures

wangkehai, Deputy Secretary General of Zibo Municipal Finance Office, said at the meeting that the futures market found that the industrial added value above the provincial level had increased by 7% and the function of avoiding market risks was becoming more and more important to improve the overall economic strength of the industry with a range of 509 yuan/ton. The listing of glass futures is of milestone significance to the development of the real industry. It will provide relevant enterprises with effective risk aversion channels and risk management tools, and help improve China's pricing power and voice in the global glass industry. Nearly 100 glass industry chain related enterprises from the surrounding areas of Zibo participated in the seminar. The proportion of PP and HDPE bottles mixed with recycled materials is as low as 20% and 10% respectively Other () Department

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