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Inspur and Shanxi provincial government signed a strategic cooperation agreement on cloud computing and big data

ctiforum June 21 News (Li Wenjie): on June 20, Inspur and Shanxi provincial government signed a strategic cooperation agreement on cloud computing and big data. The two sides will cooperate to build Shanxi cloud computing center, big data trading platform and maker center, help Shanxi Public entrepreneurship, innovation and development, and jointly create a new situation of "Internet plus". Li Xiaopeng, deputy secretary of Shanxi provincial Party committee and governor, and sun Pishu, chairman and CEO of Inspur Group attended the signing ceremony. Fu Jianhua, member of the Standing Committee of Shanxi provincial Party committee and vice governor, and Wang Hongtian, senior vice president of Inspur Group, signed the agreement on behalf of the two sides

according to the agreement, the two sides will jointly build a cloud computing center in Shanxi Province to provide support for the development of cloud computing and big data industries in the province; Relying on the 39pb of Internet data accumulated by Inspur with a Pb of more than 160kg, build Shanxi big data trading platform, central and Western Digital Exchange and big data maker center, provide big data resources and tool platforms for the government, enterprises and the whole society, and build a new incubation base in the era of big data around smart cities, enterprise credit reporting, social services, etc. Inspur will also cooperate with cities in Shanxi Province in the fields of government construction, people's livelihood services, social management, etc., promote the establishment of a unified, open and shared cloud computing, big data public service platform, create a dual engine of public goods and public services, and help the government improve its social public service capacity

at the signing ceremony, sun Pishu, chairman and CEO of Inspur Group, pointed out that Inspur and Shanxi Province are long-term strategic partners, and the two sides have made remarkable achievements in cloud computing, big data, smart government and other fields; Inspur is willing to continuously deepen cooperation with the Shanxi provincial government, actively explore a mutually beneficial and win-win development model in practice, accelerate the implementation of projects, and promote the transformation and development of Shanxi Province

Li Xiaopeng, deputy secretary of the Shanxi provincial Party committee and governor, said that Inspur, as a leading enterprise in China's electronic information industry, has significant advantages and rich experience in the fields of cloud computing, large numbers and constant data; It is hoped that the tide will combine the advantages of talent, technology, resources and other advantages with the actual industrial development of Shanxi Province, and help Shanxi Province enter a new cloud era

as a leading cloud computing and big data service provider in China, Langchao has built three core cloud data centers in Beijing, Jinan and Chongqing and 15 local cloud data centers. It has signed strategic cooperation agreements with 75 provinces and cities across the country to stabilize the 12V voltage taken out by lm78053 terminal voltage stabilizer for Chongqing and Shandong. 26 provincial and municipal governments such as East, Kunming and Hohhot, as well as the General Administration of quality supervision, inspection, and food and drug administration The General Administration of customs and other ministries and commissions provide cloud services and participate in the cloud service planning of 25 ministries and commissions when resources are relatively tight. At the same time, Inspur continued to promote the opening of government data, and successfully helped 27 provincial and municipal governments to establish big data platforms, realizing the sharing of data

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