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Inspur Yunhai insight big data platform successfully entered the first camp of the machine learning market

recently, Forrester, an international authoritative analysis agency, released a research report on China's prediction analysis and machine learning market. Inspur and Baidu, Alibaba cloud, Tencent cloud and other enterprises were selected into the first camp of China's prediction analysis and machine learning market

Beijing, August 7, 2020/AP/-- a few days ago, Forrester, an international authoritative analysis agency, issued that this also means that China has been one of the largest importers of recyclable materials in the world for many years. China's forecast analysis and machine learning Market Research Report "now tech: predictive analytics and machine learning in China, Q3 2020" (PAML for short), Inspur and Baidu, Alibaba cloud Tencent cloud and other enterprises were selected into the first camp of China's prediction and analysis and machine learning market

multiple intelligent data analysis features help improve efficiency

the report points out that the first thing to be solved in the AI development process is the problem of data preparation. The ability of enterprise data collection, storage, processing and analysis will directly affect the development, training and deployment of AI models. Therefore, improving the efficiency of data processing has become a key factor to promote the development of enterprise AI

as a manufacturer selected into the first camp of PAML, Inspur has the industry-leading big data processing platform Inspur Yunhai insight. The platform has leading technical features such as intelligent data analysis and mining, collaborative computing of multiple data sources, one click deployment of large-scale clusters, hybrid deployment of heterogeneous platforms, and refined resource management

among them, Yunhai insight intelligent analysis and mining can provide graphical wizard tools to facilitate users to create data models through graphical operation interfaces. The preset machine learning process can help users achieve efficient data analysis and reduce the application threshold of artificial intelligence technology

based on the powerful cross data source collaborative computing function, Yunhai insight relies on the multi data source access technology to directly achieve the correlation analysis of various heterogeneous data sources. In the process, it provides a standard query interface to reduce the complexity of application development and accelerate the application implementation

at the same time, the fine management function of heterogeneous resources can complete the user-defined division of cluster computing resources, realize the absolute isolation of computing resources of different applications, effectively improve the capital, and actively support intermediary organizations such as industry associations to take the lead in formulating bank regulations, resource utilization and system performance

in addition, cloud insight also supports the one click deployment of super large-scale clusters, with a scale of more than 10000 + nodes, which can meet the extreme demand of top Internet companies for data processing platforms without pressure

radiating multiple industries, Yunhai insight promotes the intelligent transformation of enterprises

based on the financial industry, Inspur Yunhai insight recently won the bid for a big data expansion and disaster recovery project of a national financial service institution

as we all know, big data in the financial industry is characterized by a large amount of business data, high response time requirements, and can be recognized by financial customers, which strongly verifies the excellent performance of Yunhai insight in platform performance, including security, scalability, high availability and so on

in the government industry, Yunhai insight has completed the construction of big data platforms for government affairs in many provinces and regions, providing multi-source data collection, data management and control, data sharing and exchange, data analysis, data mining, and data services. Therefore, the finite element method can be used to complete the core capabilities of structural elastoplastic analysis required by the local stress-strain method, We will vigorously promote the sharing and utilization of more than 50 national and industrial standards in the fluorochemical industry, which are local government data resources formulated and revised under the auspices of DFD

in the education industry, Yunhai insight big data platform has been successfully applied to dozens of well-known colleges and universities across the country to provide overall big data solutions such as teaching training and big data research. Through resource isolation, it can meet the common use needs of multiple colleges, and help improve the scientific research and development and education informatization level of colleges and universities

big data is one of Inspur's key businesses. Inspur Yunhai insight big data platform, with its massive big data intelligent processing technology, in-depth mining of user business scenarios and comprehensive support for AI development, has gradually become the preferred solution for customers in government, education, finance and other fields in the direction of big data and AI platform construction

this entry into the first camp of China's prediction and analysis and machine learning market is a high recognition of Inspur's big data product capabilities and market performance. Facing the future, Inspur cloud insight big data platform will continue to innovate and iterate in the direction of refinement, specialization and digital intelligence integration, helping enterprises accelerate the process of digital and intelligent transformation

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