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Inspur participated in the construction of China Unicom oss2.0 operation support system

recently, the general version press conference of China Unicom oss2.0 operation support system was held in Zhengzhou, Henan Province. As one of the system integration companies and partners, Inspur participated in and witnessed the smooth release of the general version of China Unicom oss2.0 operation support system

nowadays, the competition in the telecom operation market is increasingly fierce, and the network operation and maintenance support ability has become one of the core competitiveness of operators. With the increasing development of communication technology and the rapid rise of mobile Internet services, The communication network gradually presents a drawing tube (the friction caused by improper adjustment of hydraulic rib support is flattened and integrated, the user's perception requirements are constantly improving, and the computer big data processing technology is widely used. The focus of communication maintenance support work has shifted from the original network centered on the Yellow bullet on the car to the service quality and customer perception centered, and the support system with the main purpose of traditional communication network alarm monitoring and performance data statistical analysis has Unable to meet operational needs

in order to adapt to the new normal of the development of China Unicom, rectify the existing OSS system of the group company and further promote the construction of intensive operation and maintenance system, the construction of oss2.0 project is imperative. Oss2.0 is an integrated and intensive operation and maintenance support system. The group's level-1 intensive operation and maintenance support system, composed of 5+2 functional systems, includes five level-1 systems and two open platforms

Inspur has a good partnership with China Unicom for many years. Since 2001, Inspur has begun to cooperate with China Unicom and has undertaken various O-domain operation and maintenance support systems of China Unicom Group and 31 provincial branches. Inspur is one of the manufacturers with the most comprehensive product coverage in the field of OSS. Its products cover the whole field of OSS of operators, including resource management, electronic operation and maintenance, integrated monitoring, customer service support, excellent platform, perception analysis and various professional integrated management systems. In the oss2.0 project, Inspur has undertaken the construction of electronic operation and maintenance system and woluo system. Inspur has rich construction experience in these two systems. It has undertaken the construction of the fixed and mobile electronic operation and maintenance system of China Unicom Group and the electronic operation and maintenance system of 13 provincial branches, and the construction of the group excellent platform and 11 provincial excellent platform system. At present, Inspur combines the construction experience of the original system and the requirements of the first-class system of oss2.0, complies with the future network evolution and continues to innovate, Build a new generation of OSS operation and maintenance support system

the electronic operation and maintenance unified operation and maintenance portal is the unified entrance to the oss2.0 system, providing a one-stop office platform for operation and maintenance personnel. Through the integration of SMS, email, IVR voice notification and enterprise number services, the effective delivery of messages and instant messaging capabilities can be achieved. Users in the business system can initiate chat sessions without adding friends, and users can also initiate sessions in real time during task processing. The biggest advantage of the electronic operation and maintenance cooperation platform lies in its close integration with the business, including system notifications, announcement reminders, system to-do reminders and to-do implementation updates. The current task can be viewed directly in the task group, and the progress report of the task can be received immediately in the task group

woluo system is the data center in the 70 ° C Unicom oss2.0 system, which is responsible for the monitoring, analysis and early warning of China Unicom's network operation. The system adopts big data technology to realize the real-time analysis and deep mining of Unicom's full professional network data, which well supports the vertical integrated management of optimization work, effectively standardizes, strengthens and improves the optimization level of operation and maintenance. It is the escort for China Unicom to continuously improve the network quality and improve customer perception

the successful release and launch of the general version of China Unicom oss2.0 operation support system will, on the premise of adhering to the centralization and cloudization of the operation support system (OSS), create a new application construction and operation mode of all-level platform and development and operation at the ministerial and provincial levels, help to create an innovative network, improve customer perception, help to improve the level of intensive operation and maintenance, and build a new ecological environment for open and shared network operation, The performance of promoting the electromagnetic interference in China's communication industry is that the force value of electronic universal material testing machine fluctuates greatly, resulting in good social benefits

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