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Inspur launched "Xinchao action" to cultivate thousands of channels

ctiforum on August 21 (Li Wenjie): a few days ago, Inspur launched a national channel partner care activity with the theme of Xinchao action, aiming to complete an in-depth visit to thousands of channel partners within two months and stimulate channel potential

this is a deep ploughing action for regional and municipal channel partners after Inspur held the 2014 national Partner Conference and nationwide channel partner recruitment activities in April this year. Inspur will further promote the construction of the partner system based on the action of heart wave, strengthen the industrial ecology of win-win development, and pave the way and consolidate the market in advance before the peak sales season of the fiscal year

sinking area focuses on partner growth

up to now, Inspur has a large-scale partner system, with a total scale of more than 5000. Many top software developers, system integrators and other value-added partners in the industry have maintained close cooperation with Inspur, covering finance, communications, e-government, smart city, medical and other fields. In 2013, Inspur, which obtained the special first-class qualification for system integration, established strategic cooperation with Neusoft, Taiji and ChinaSoft. At the same time, in the first half of the year, it successively completed strategic cooperation with top ISVs (independent software developers) in the country, such as rongzhilian, Huasheng Tiancheng, Zhongke software, Nantian information, Datang, etc., which directly promoted the development of Inspur in key industries such as finance, transportation, energy, etc. This heart wave action focuses on sinking areas, facing the huge distributor and dealer system, and promoting the improvement of channel capacity and resource penetration

the heart wave action that has been launched in various regions will visit 15 provinces and 1000 regional channel partners. Inspur will provide future business development planning and resource support for partners with the partner care plan, realize a good combination of online business opportunities and offline sales with o2o plan, and provide a win-win basis for partners to achieve growth with the business development support plan. In addition, Inspur will also give greater support to channel partners in terms of personnel training, Co Construction of product experience centers, sales policies, joint market development and other dimensions

Wang Feng, director of Inspur information channel promotion department, said: in the cooperation, Inspur will not only emphasize the basic principle of win-win, but also adopt differentiated cooperation methods for different channel partners according to the actual situation, which is only used as an inspiration for everyone. For the value-added channels dominated by top level and industry top level solution providers, the two sides take complementary advantages, provide integrated industry solutions, and promote the in-depth localization of the service platform with graphene industrial technology research and development and enterprises, and then eliminate torque value industry incubation in the software; Chongqing Green Intelligent Technology Research Institute of the Chinese Academy of Sciences also successfully prepared a 15 inch single-layer graphene display screen; Graphene has been used in high-speed railway interior materials... Graphene technology is quietly affecting production and life and other fields; For the distribution channels dominated by rising or falling domain distributors, Inspur aims to provide partners with all-round resource support, bring more market opportunities, provide better policies, and care for the growth of partners. The heart wave action is the important landing of the wave at this level

extending channel potential for win-win development

on August 12, Inspur entered Sichuan Yinhai software company. Yinhai software company, which has a leading edge in the national social security industry, as one of the first key visiting partners of the heart wave activity, is full of confidence in the prospect of cooperation with Inspur and the promotion of localization. The person in charge of Yinhai software believes that localization of key industries has become inevitable, and the replacement of foreign brands is accelerating. Yinhai software has always hoped to conduct in-depth cooperation with domestic manufacturers such as Inspur, which integrates the manufacturing of core equipment and the provision of solutions, and jointly promote the in-depth expansion of localized applications in the industry. Xinchao action made them feel the support and importance of Inspur for partners, which are unprecedented for foreign brands. Yinhai will firmly cooperate with Inspur in the national social security industry

Wang Feng said: in 2014, Inspur expanded rapidly in the channel market. In the first half of the year alone, Inspur signed contracts with 80% of the gold, silver and CFT (end-user oriented) channels of foreign enterprises, with more than 1500 new signing partners. On the one hand, Xinchao action aims to provide more support and care for partners and share the dividends of localization in the context of localization; On the other hand, in the process of emerging technology driven industries such as cloud computing big data entering a new stage of development, provide advice and resource support for partners' business transformation, help partners grow, and finally achieve a win-win situation

gartner's latest data on China's x86 server market in the first quarter of 2014 shows that Inspur's server shipments are 80929, ranking first in China and fifth in the global market. Inspur has become the first local enterprise to obtain the first shipment since China has server statistics. Such achievements cannot be separated from the support of partners. Adhering to the construction of professional channels and promoting cooperation is the core market strategy of Inspur. Compared with the channel policy of MNC enterprises, Inspur stated that the policy will remain unchanged for three years. At the same time, the original channel partners and new partners will be strategically separated from each other from the perspective of business lines to achieve differentiated support. As one of the most important market promotion activities in the second half of Inspur, Xinchao action will further extend the channel potential, establish a strong atmosphere for regional channels, and promote the expansion and strengthening of channel business

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