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The wave of renewable energy development has come.

the relevant report released earlier by Ren21 shows that in 2016, the new installed capacity of renewable energy in the world reached a record of 161 GW, which is the fifth consecutive year. The investment in the new installed capacity of renewable energy (including all hydropower) is about twice that of fossil energy, reaching US $249.8 billion

at the same time, renewable energy represented by wind power and photovoltaic power generation is becoming more affordable

earlier, record breaking bid prices have appeared in the photovoltaic market in Argentina, Chile, India and Jordan, among which the bid price in some countries has been lower than US $0.03/kwh

at the same time, wind power bidding prices in many countries are also at new lows, including Chile, India, Mexico and Morocco. The new low bidding price of offshore wind power in Denmark and the Netherlands has made the European offshore wind power industry a step further towards its goal that the offshore wind power price is lower than the coal price by 2025

for this reason, in recent years, some international giants in various fields have shown great interest in clean energy

earlier, 60 American companies, including Microsoft and Facebook (face3, consider the tensile range of testing materials book), announced to join an organization called renewable energy compression testing machine, which is the source buyer alliance of testing instruments to test the compressive strength of cartons or other packaging containers. Its purpose is to support the increase of 60 gigawatts of renewable energy power generation capacity for American electricity from now to 2025

immediately instructed the relevant person in charge to follow up and solve the problem that the IT industry is not the only field that "marries" with renewable energy. In fact, some oil and gas companies have quickly become leading low-carbon energy producers. In 2011, total acquired SunPower, a solar panel manufacturer, for $1.4 billion, becoming one of the main competitors in the solar market. Then the company included saft group, a battery manufacturer, and became an important member of the industry family integrating solar power generation, storage and distributed power generation technology

according to Wall Street, JPMorgan Chase, the largest commercial bank in the United States, recently announced that it had signed a power purchase agreement to meet its own power demand, becoming the latest large bank to enter the renewable energy market. JPMorgan Chase said that it plans to achieve in 2020, "said Michel glotin, director of materials science at Arkema. The property of the ball is completely dependent on renewable energy, and will make a total of $200billion in clean energy financing commitments by 2025.". At present, more and more enterprises are integrating climate change into business decisions, and the trend of diversification of renewable energy industry investors has become increasingly apparent. With the continuous progress of comprehensive technology and management in the manufacturing industry and the continuous reduction of kWh cost, renewable energy is becoming more and more competitive in terms of price, performance and reliability, and will go more stable and faster in the future

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