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On November 2, 2019, the awarding ceremony of the 2019 China Digital Transformation pioneer list [Dingge Award] jointly sponsored by the Chinese version of Harvard Business Review and the Institute of global industry research of Tsinghua University was held in Beijing. As a beacon enterprise and enabler of global enterprise digital transformation, Inspur was selected into the Top50 list of China's digital transformation pioneers. In this list, there are five enterprises in the electronic information industry, including Inspur and Huawei

the award is composed of professors from Tsinghua University, experts from industry associations, well-known research institutions, consulting institutions, and representatives of digital transformation practitioners from the front line. By using the triangle mutual evidence method, the award collects public information, field research visits, multiple rounds of expert consultation, expert evaluation, and finally selects the Top50 list of China's digital transformation pioneers and the list of new pioneers. This selection of authoritative awards proves the excellent achievements of Inspur in digital transformation

as one of the leading enterprises that put forward the digital transformation strategy earlier in China, sun Pishu, chairman and CEO of Inspur Group, pointed out that the development of a new generation of information technology is accelerating the digital transformation of enterprises. The goal of digital transformation is to achieve a smart enterprise. To build a smart enterprise, Inspur's approach is to build an enterprise brain through cloud intelligence + applications. Specifically, enterprises use the three-step process of business cloud, data integration and application innovation, Inspur cloud computing and big data, by building an integrated cloud platform and widely accessing ERP, CRM and other business data, human data, IOT equipment data, external interconnection and other data, to form enterprise big data. After intelligent analysis of the enterprise brain, these data provide enterprises with various applications from R & D and design to intelligent services, and assist high-level decision-making, Optimize the whole business process

Inspur itself has achieved digital transformation and become a smart enterprise. For example, in terms of human resource management, Langchao has achieved systematic and platform development, and is making every effort to transform to intelligence. From data precipitation to building a platform, and then to specific business application scenarios, Inspur builds a human resource brain, excavates the value of data level by level, and enables data intelligence to assist decision-making, so as to clarify facts - observe problems - pull early warning - report prediction, and realize intelligent human resource management. Inspur also relies on the self-developed HCM platform to establish a smart recruitment funnel and create a smart recruitment model based on business development needs. Relying on psychological theories such as personality traits and psychological measurement, Langchao builds business models such as personnel and human efficiency through big data, depth algorithm, image and voice semantic recognition technology, so as to realize the whole process of digital recruitment in demand management, talent portrait, personnel tracking and intention recognition

in terms of production and manufacturing, the high-end server intelligent factory built by Inspur integrates flexible production, intelligent technology and IOT technology, integrates more than 600 RFID, more than 2000 sensors, 50 device controllers and 330 sets of intelligent devices, and realizes the intellectualization of the whole process from flexible production to service delivery through enterprise brain management and scheduling. The delivery cycle is shortened from 18 days to days, the staff is reduced by 75%, and the production efficiency is improved by 30% +, It was successfully selected into the 2017 national intelligent manufacturing pilot demonstration, and was rated as a global intelligent manufacturing model by Gartner

Inspur server intelligent factory

as a new Internet enterprise with cloud + data +ai and a service provider with more than 30 years of enterprise information service experience, Inspur is also the first to put forward a strategy to help enterprises' digital transformation while realizing its own digital transformation. Since 2014, Inspur has successively proposed and implemented the concept of spending money to improve hardware, practice big data, reconstruct enterprise intelligence, Internet + enterprise and digital transformation to achieve smart enterprise. It has been actively exploring on the road of digital transformation, forming a comprehensive cloud ERP solution covering IAAs, PAAS, SaaS, large, medium, small and micro enterprises, and helping millions of enterprises to build connected, shared, fine and intelligent smart smart enterprises

at present, Inspur cloud ERP has served 38% of large state-owned enterprises, helping many enterprises such as China Communications Construction, China Railway, China iron tower, China energy conservation, COSCO, Guangdong Airport, Baiguoyuan, Yunda express, Xiabu Xiabu, oaks, Fangtai and so on to achieve digital transformation, ranking first in China's group management software for 16 consecutive years, and accumulating a world-class digital transformation case base

taking China energy conservation as an example, in order to solve the difficulties of enterprise data collection, statistics and analysis, China energy conservation has built a data warehouse system with the help of the tide to realize the data analysis and sorting of functional lines and business lines, making it a standardized achievement that can guide the sorting and systematic management of enterprise indicators at all levels of enterprises, and help China save energy in terms of the utilization range of high molecular alloy technology, The data of more than 70 business types have achieved integrity, accuracy and consistency, further completed the concentration and sharing of massive data, improved the efficiency and level of business decision-making of China energy conservation, and enhanced its core competitiveness

at the recently held 6th World Internet Conference, Inspur cloud ERP also released the research results of software automatic construction for intelligent manufacturing, the industry's first digitalized platform for enterprise capability based on the national key R & D plan, the key special project of transformative technology and key scientific issues, Inspur igix enterprise production has many parts digitalization capability platforms working in an elastic state, supporting enterprise technology, business The integration and innovation of data and business will accelerate the completion of digital transformation of enterprises

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