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Yu Jun: talking about the way of management

Yu Jun, vice president of Baidu, made a speech in the company before leaving, and talked about some content about management, which was straightforward and profound

choose people by text - all players stand at the same starting line

how to choose people? Choosing him recalled: "what kind of people are there more plastic bags than the fish below? Many managers will face such problems. Choosing the right person will greatly improve the" combat effectiveness "of the team, while choosing the wrong person will bring serious" harm "to the team. Yu Jun said that in the field of search engines, when selecting people, we will not pay special attention to this person's relevant experience. Everyone is on the same starting line. As for personal development in the future, it has nothing to do with whether he has relevant work experience, but whether he has invested in this field and whether he has potential in studying this field seriously. Yu Jun told us that it may be easy to use an experienced person for a while, but if he can no longer grow with the product, you will be more tired in the future; With potential people, now you may have to pay a little more to bring them, but in the future, they will accelerate their growth and have a deeper understanding of products than you

the personnel selection of the product department can be summarized in four words - selecting people by text. We don't pay attention to the background, gender and blood type on the resume, but according to the product analysis he wrote, we can see this person's feelings about products and users, which can be felt from the text. Judgment comes from the accumulation of your feelings about products and users. When you read 1000 or more product analyses and then read a product analysis, you will immediately give an accurate score to this analysis. In addition, from the application of methods in product analysis, we can see the logical ability of this person to find and analyze problems

after "choosing people by literature", it also depends on whether this person likes and can devote himself to this work. Like the investment, and no feeling of the investment show the effect is completely different. Yu Jun gave an example of car racing. He said that some people drive, that is, drive. They use the car as a tool to send themselves to their destination, so they drive the same car all their lives. But racing drivers will figure out how to drive better and faster, so maybe a racing driver who drives a car for a month is much better than someone who drives a car for a lifetime. We need to choose people who like and are willing to invest. In the cool and dazzling search engine field, such people may not be difficult to find

when summarizing the selection experience, Yu Jun emphasized the need to select people who are consistent with the values of the company and the team, which will greatly improve the efficiency of work. It is better to follow the principle of "better lack than abuse". It is better to have fewer people and make everyone tired or do less. It is also better not to blindly expand manpower and plant bad seeds

give him a chance to succeed and make mistakes - the key to employing people is to authorize

after selecting the right person, we should consider how to make good use of him (her), cultivate him (her), and not waste talent resources. This is also the focus and significance of this lecture, which has attracted extensive attention of the students present. Yu Jun said that the first major principle is to fully authorize and manage by objectives. Full authorization can improve people's subjective initiative, and the goal must be the goal of reaching agreement after coordination. For the product department, working with different product teams will make different things, so it depends on mental work, and initiative is very important

in addition, we should create an equal working atmosphere, have a trial and error mentality, and be able to constantly summarize. An equal atmosphere is conducive to personal initiative. For the mentality of trial and error, Yu Jun shared his experience of leading the team. He said that when he and the team members disagree, he should try to leave the opportunity of "trial and error" to the team members on the premise of controlling the key points. Because if this member's idea is proved to be wrong this time, he or she will learn the most experience from "wrong" and grow as soon as possible. If the leader's opinion is proved to be wrong, the team members will have no chance to gain "experience value of mistakes". Finally, the summary is particularly important. The summary should have an open mind and summarize more bad aspects, so that it can be better improved next time. Then share with team members, and the overall growth will be very fast

Yu Jun mentioned that "assistants know better than managers, and managers know better than directors". People who understand a thing more attentively and carefully have the most say. The worst way to wear the implanted hydroxyapatite artificial eye platform is to wear thin soft artificial eye, which has its unique advantages. The soft artificial eye is directly adsorbed on the conjunctival surface of the artificial eye billiard, which can reduce friction, and achieve the synchronous movement and appearance beauty with the artificial eye platform. The way is to share upward and report single line. What we really need to do is to discuss with our team and draw a conclusion based on the facts themselves. It is necessary to cultivate the spirit of continuous self denial. The final conclusion is to find more deficiencies by finding, rather than selling ideas. Always stand on the side of the facts, and the conclusion will be more and more correct

employment is a kind of knowledge, which needs to focus on the big and start with the small, just like playing a game of chess. Talent training is a process of accumulation and development, which requires foresight, just like a chess game. Only by cultivating talents and making good use of them can we win this chess game and do a good job in this project

clear vision, clear rewards and punishments - ways to retain people beyond salary

how to retain talents who are cultivated carefully? Finally, Yu Jun summarized the three most important conditions for attracting talents: first, whether the company's vision is enough to attract talents to stay; Second, whether the workspace can provide space for development and rise; Third, personal treatment. For every student working in Baidu, we are actually working together to do a very meaningful thing, to be the best search engine in China, to reduce the cost of people acquiring knowledge, and to fill the information gap. Every Baidu person has reason to be proud

in fact, Yu Jun's own example proves this. He told us that it meets the requirements of different test conditions; In fact, he doesn't like living in Beijing. He has been thinking about returning to his hometown in Shanghai day and night for eight years. It is for the sake of making the vision of China's best search engine that he stayed

two hours passed quietly. Seizing the rare opportunity to communicate with Yu Jun, everyone also began to actively ask questions outside talent selection and training. Some students asked, "what do you think is the reason for Baidu's success?" Yu Jun said: "I did the right thing at the right time. At that time, if there was no Baidu, there would be another Chinese search engine rising, and Baidu chose this field at the best time and did the best, so this success can be said to be the necessity of the right time and place.

then a classmate asked, as long as Baidu didn't make mistakes, would it not be surpassed by other search engines? Yu Jun said very frankly : "If it is a product of the same quality as Baidu, it is almost impossible to surpass it in this field, but it does not rule out the emergence of products or companies that can subvert search engines in new fields that meet people's information needs.

he told us that his thinking is in key areas with good basic conditions and obvious driving effect of industrial transformation and upgrading - the change of industrial life cycle always starts with subversive new technologies, focusing on the spotlight The light once shone on emerging industries, making them the fastest-growing economic engine. Now the focus is on search engines. But if one day, search engines can not bring more value to users - no matter how hard they try to improve, their improvement of user experience has been minimal, then it will be inevitable that their light and popularity will be replaced by another industry

so how can we maintain our leading position? Yu Jun once again emphasized the user-oriented principle of Baidu's products. Guided by users' needs, we only make products that have needs, advantages and benefits. "For user needs, please remember that we are always the discoverer, not the creator." Yu Jun said

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