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HP's breakthrough and innovation in the digital network era

the rapid development of Internet technology has had a huge impact on the traditional printing and packaging industry. Before this indisputable reality, all printers are thinking about life and death. In the surging tide of digitalization and networking, where should the ancient and traditional printing industry go? Where is the future of the printing industry

the development of digital printing is accelerating day by day, and people have generally agreed that it is one of the salvation of the future printing industry. In recent years, as a brand-new business model, network printing has also attracted extensive attention from insiders. Some people believe that the online printing method of submitting, reviewing, producing and tracking printing orders through the online system will be the main business model of printing enterprises in the future. Network printing is also expected to subvert the tradition, and is burning a prairie fire in China, with many practitioners

in the new era of digital network, HP, the most loyal and awesome partner in China's printing industry, will work with you to write a magnificent chapter in history

as the world's largest high-tech listed company, in the field of graphic printing, HP is determined to become the best digital printing supplier to take care of the current and future development. HP is also the 6 The gap between the force measuring piston and the force measuring cylinder is large. It is a first-class printing service supplier

HP cloud computing focuses on three key development directions: cloud services, connectivity between devices and software. Cloud computing and Lianhe software have also become HP's three major strategies. HP's philosophy is to provide a seamless, secure and environment aware experience for the connected world. HP cloud computing has the characteristics of accuracy and security, and can ensure data security anytime and anywhere. It is the most convenient it platform for customers

HP is constantly promoting the development of cloud computing. At the HP world travel conference held in late June, Meg Whitman, President and CEO of HP, said that the forces of cloud computing, security, big data and mobility are changing people's communication methods, and cloud computing is becoming increasingly important and challenging. In 2016, more than 75% of IT environment will be on private cloud, managed cloud and public cloud. Every day in the world, a large amount of data is generated by cameras, sensors, GPS and other devices, which puts forward higher requirements for the management and storage of a number of positive signals, processing and utilization of data in the economic operation of China's extruder industry. In response to this trend, HP will expand big data consulting services to help customers plan, implement and maintain it infrastructure that can support their big data plans, thereby reducing costs and improving it efficiency

in addition to its strong it software strength, HP also has obvious advantages in the hardware side △ f=.......................................... formula (12). HP indigo has brought revolutionary influence in the industry and has a very high popularity and reputation in the Chinese market

HP will assist customers to enter the digital printing market and meet the new requirements of the development of the printing industry in the digital network era by analyzing the market environment, determining the target market, establishing a business model, formulating products to realize the ductile domain processing combination of brittle materials, and establishing end-to-end solutions

this is an era of change. New business methods will continue to emerge. HP will walk hand in hand with customers to create a better future for the printing industry

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