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Yuanda Holdings' transformation speed up: use science and technology to drive the development of green ecological agriculture

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from a comprehensive commodity service provider to a firm layout of the high-tech agricultural industry, Yuanda holdings often uses pure acrylic lotion, acrylic lotion, styrene acrylic lotion, styrene butadiene lotion, VAE lotion, acrylic lotion and other stocks to carry out industrial layout faster and faster

at present, Yuanda Holdings has jointly established the "ecological agriculture research and development center" with the Plant Protection Institute of the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, and the ecological agriculture M & A projects promoted include Fujian Kaili biology and Liaoning micro biology projects. Among them, on May 18, broad holdings held the second extraordinary general meeting of shareholders in 2021, which considered and approved the proposal to acquire 85.1166% equity of Fujian Kaili Biological Products Co., Ltd

at the 2020 and 2021 first quarter performance presentation held by Yuanda holdings on May 19, the company's management explained the company's development strategy to investors in detail: while vigorously developing the existing bulk trade, the company will quickly combine trade with industry and high technology, become a large-scale high-tech enterprise integrating trade, industry and high technology in China, and firmly lay out the development direction of high-tech agriculture, Use science and technology to drive the development of green ecological agriculture

overweight high-tech agricultural industry

since 2021, Yuanda Holdings has announced a number of acquisitions, and the layout of overweight industry has been transformed and developed

in February this year, broad holdings signed the equity acquisition framework agreement with Fujian Kaili Biotechnology Co., Ltd. to acquire 85.1167% equity of Fujian Kaili for 479million. On April 26, Yuanda holdings announced that it planned to acquire 100% of the total equity of Liaoning Weike with 145million yuan

when communicating with investors, Yuanda holdings introduced to investors that Kaili biology is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the R & D, production, sales and application of biopesticide technical drugs and biopesticide preparations, and has the exclusive patent of mesobiotic technical drugs. Kaili biology is the first stop for the company to lay out the development direction of high-tech agriculture. Its biological pesticide industry has high scientific and technological content and broad development prospects. It is an emerging industry supported by the state, which is in line with the company's strategic layout

"The company's acquisition of Kaili biology is conducive to enriching the company's product pipeline in the field of biopesticides, forming a synergistic effect with Liaoning Weike Bioengineering Co., Ltd., which the company plans to acquire, further improving the company's comprehensive competitiveness and subsequent development ability, enhancing the company's anti risk ability and sustainable profitability, and creating more stable operation for the company's shareholders; more value is in line with the long-term interests of all shareholders of the company Benefit. " Broad Holdings said to investors

while overweight mergers and acquisitions, broad holdings also strengthened the in-depth cooperation of scientific research institutions. Recently, the R & D center jointly established by broad holdings and the Plant Protection Institute of the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences was unveiled. The Plant Protection Institute of the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences is the first batch of professional research institutes established by the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences. It is the most comprehensive scientific research institution in the field of plant protection in China. Many of the world's first biological pesticides have been put into operation and converted. The Institute has a perfect national science and technology platform system. The purpose of the in-depth cooperation between the two sides is to accelerate the transformation of the outstanding scientific research achievements of the Plant Protection Institute of the Chinese Academy of agricultural sciences into innovative pesticide products of the ecological agricultural enterprises affiliated to Yuanda holdings, and constantly enrich the product pipeline

when communicating with investors, Yuanda holdings introduced to investors that biopesticides have the advantages of good control effect, not easy to produce resistance, safe and non-toxic to humans and animals, not polluting the environment, and low residues. China's biopesticide industry started relatively late and ushered in real development in the 21st century. With the introduction of national policies to limit high toxic and high residue pesticides in recent years, the substitution effect of biopesticides on chemical pesticides has gradually emerged, and the biopesticide industry is ushering in an unprecedented development opportunity

development of the whole industrial chain of edible oil

after 26 years of development, Yuanda Holdings has grown into a high-quality integrated commodity service provider. At the same time, it has used the resources and experience accumulated by years of deep cultivation in the bulk commodity market to extend to the upstream and downstream of the bulk commodity Industrial chain and gradually increase the proportion of the industrial sector in the company's overall business. In 2021, in addition to biopesticides, the edible oil industry is also the main direction of Yuanda Holdings' industrial investment

edible oil is the most basic consumer goods for Chinese residents. Yuanda holdings entered the field of edible oil trade in 2012 and has accumulated many years of industry experience and industry resources. In 2019, the company acquired Yuanda oil guarantee electromechanical forward transfer (Dongguan) Co., Ltd., officially opening the industrialization road of edible oil of the company. Starting from meeting different markets, build a whole industry chain model from raw material procurement to end consumers. This model not only meets the demand for palm oil in more market segments, but also benefits the company from stabilizing risks

on May 19, broad holdings comprehensively introduced the development strategy of the company in the edible oil track to investors

at the upstream end of the oil industry chain, broad holdings will grasp the oil resources in the upstream origin by means of overseas asset acquisition, establishment of joint ventures or new projects, so as to obtain oil raw materials with a supply more in line with business needs, more stable quality and stronger traceability, and expand the company's overseas layout

at the midstream end of the industrial chain, the company will continue to strive to improve the scale of domestic and overseas trade business and warehousing business, improve market share and expand business influence. At the same time, the company will further improve the technical level of oil refining and processing of existing assets, strengthen technological innovation, and improve the intelligence and informatization level of the overall processing

at the downstream end of the industrial chain, the company will set up a research and development team to improve its innovation ability and further enrich its product portfolio, which will better meet the high-end demand of current consumption upgrading for high-tech oil products and further strengthen the profitability of the enterprise. On the one hand, we will strengthen the research and development of edible oil product types and launch healthier and safer packaging oil to meet consumers' growing demand for healthy food; On the other hand, we should strengthen the market expansion of 2B, increase the research and availability of customized products in the direction of end use, such as catering, food processing, baking, etc., for food planting and commercial greenhouse development, and provide special oils that are more in line with end users

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