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Yuanyou heavy industry held the 2014 mortar station operation skill training

Yuanyou heavy industry held the 2014 mortar station operation skill training

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from August 18 to August 24, 2014, Shandong Yuanyou Heavy Industry Technology Co., Ltd. grandly held the "2014 Yuanyou heavy industry mortar station operation skill training course" in the conference room on the third floor of the company's office building. About 50 users of dry mixed mortar from all over the country participated in the training and exchange

in August last year, the company successfully held the first on-site live training course of mortar equipment in Yantai, which was highly praised by users. In order to solve all kinds of problems in the actual operation of the majority of users, establish long-term cooperative relations with customers, and better publicize Yuanyou heavy industry, therefore, it has also decided to adopt the single arm product, so as to further improve the market share. In order to promote the healthy and sustainable development of the dry mixed mortar industry, we should meet the requirements of the majority of new and old users, The company decided to invite new and old customers to participate in mortar station operation skills training and discussion and exchange, so as to strengthen learning and exchange, build bridges and channels, and achieve deepening cooperation and win-win results

the training mainly focuses on the process flow, structure, working principle and daily maintenance of dry mixed mortar equipment; Common formula experiment, mortar characteristics, electrical principle, control system operation; Precautions, daily maintenance; Mortar station management, on-site scene visit training and other aspects

all teaching engineers carefully prepared lessons, with both voice and emotion, carefully imparted their own experience and professional knowledge, and all trainees listened attentively, actively asked questions, communicated with each other, and exchanged and introduced the problems existing in actual production and handling experience, so as to achieve the purpose of learning and improvement

during the training, in order to activate everyone's life and strengthen emotional exchange and communication, the company organized all students and teachers to climb the beautiful Qingyun Mountain together

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