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Glass substrate demand determines the capacity of enterprises to expand production cautiously

the new deal of the Ministry of industry and information technology is expected to stimulate China's high-tech industry. Yesterday, the Ministry of industry and information technology officially issued the "12th Five Year Plan" for the development of new material industry. It plays a great role in promoting the light splitter, solar cell film, glass substrate and semiconductor industries of China's high-tech industry

the plan predicts that by 20 years, coherent statistics show that in 15 years, about 100million square meters of flat panel display glass substrates and 400 tons of TFT hybrid liquid crystal materials will be required

glass substrates are upstream materials of BOE a () and other liquid crystal panel manufacturers. A liquid crystal panel requires two glass substrates plus other materials. According to statistics, at present, the LCD panel production lines in Chinese Mainland have been put into operation, including four generation 4.5 lines of BOE and Tianma, with a monthly production capacity of 45000 pieces; The three generation 5 lines of BOE, Tianma and Longteng optoelectronics have a monthly production capacity of 100000, 100000 and 110000 pieces respectively; There is also a generation 5.5 line with a monthly production capacity of 100000 pieces of shenchao optoelectronics; And two generation 6 lines of BOE and CLP panda, with production capacity of 100000 and 80000 pieces respectively. At the same time, BOE and csot also have two generation 8.5 lines with monthly production capacity of 90000 pieces, but their production capacity is still in the climbing period

in addition, there are three proposed 8.5 generation LCD panel production lines, including Samsung, LG and Longfei optoelectronics, with monthly production capacity of 100000, 90000 and 90000 pieces respectively

according to this capacity estimation, the LCD substrate required for the above LCD panels is less than 100million square meters per year. Huchunming, deputy director of the Industrial Research Department of the liquid crystal branch (coda) of the China Optical and Optoelectronic Industry Association, pointed out that the production of upstream liquid crystal substrate manufacturers also depends on the market demand, "if the demand is not high, the glass substrate products produced will be turned into inventory."

however, for BOE and other panel enterprises, the localization of domestic glass substrate supply will help reduce costs. Huchunming said, "it will also drive the cost reduction of complete machine enterprises such as downstream TVs."

in addition, among the 23 products listed in the "functional film materials" column of the "key product catalogue of the new material industry during the 12th Five Year Plan", 15 products are related to lucky group, of which 8 products such as optical polyester film have been industrialized and supplied to the market in batches, and the other 7 products are under research and development by lucky group. Rakay film did not respond to the new deal of the Ministry of industry and information technology yesterday. In response to the "leading the market competitiveness and further improving the first finance and economics", rakay group said that the new policy is nothing but a shot in the arm for the new material industry. Rakay group will "actively strive for and make good use of the relevant national policies, and quickly improve the development quality and scale of rakay in the field of high-performance film materials"

data show that since 2005, lucky group began to adjust its products and industrial structure. By the end of 2011, high-performance film materials represented by optical TAC, PET film, diffusion film, thermal magnetic ticket, etc. have accounted for 22% of lucky group's main revenue, and the profit accounts for 73% of the total profit in the same period

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