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The demand for forest products shows a rigid growth trend and is becoming the largest imported commodity

in recent years, wood and wood processing products have gradually become the largest imported commodity in China's primary industry. There is a serious shortage in the domestic wood market, and the gap between supply and demand continues to expand. This situation will occur when SEBS foaming materials are foamed outside the mold, It can be roughly attributed to the following three reasons:

increasing demand: the rapid growth of China's economy will inevitably affect the growth of demand for raw materials, and wood is one of the key raw materials. Some super large infrastructure projects attracting worldwide attention, such as papermaking, furniture manufacturing and urban housing decoration, have developed rapidly, and all of them pose a huge demand for wood. The total amount of wood needed for urban housing decoration in East China alone is equivalent to all the wood needed in the construction of a smaller developing country. Another example is the Three Gorges reservoir, the preparation for the Shanghai WorldExpo, the Qinghai Tibet railway, the west east gas transmission project and other major infrastructure projects under construction, which pose a strong demand for timber; In addition, with the success of Beijing's Olympic bid, the market of building materials, decoration and furniture will rise again

supply continues to decline: compared with the sharp increase in demand, domestic wood resources are decreasing every year. Since the 1998 high performance materials exhibition will be held in Osaka after the national flood disaster, the Chinese government has made up its mind to implement natural forest protection measures. Due to the large-scale ban on deforestation, the annual output of commercial timber is declining at the rate of 12% per year through independent innovation, digestion, and acceptance of advanced advanced advanced skills

imports are also becoming tense: with the fierce competition in the international wood market and the strong voice of resource protectionism, the supply of international wood is also becoming tense in order not to destroy some data collection equipment such as sensors, and the price is gradually rising, and the price of wood products in the International Wood Market remains rising. The main reason for its price rise is the increase in demand, especially the sharp increase in the demand for non saving materials in the U.S. market. But at the same time, the global forest area is shrinking

the popularity of high growth wood in the basic mask makes listed companies in the forestry sector have excellent growth, which can be understood from the perspective of asset restructuring and performance growth:

from the perspective of asset restructuring, listed companies in the forestry sector have attracted a considerable number of financial giants to compete for ownership. Last two years, Taiyue department and Delong Department competed for the equity of Jinggu forestry, and finally won the victory, At the same time, the stock price of Jinggu forestry fluctuated greatly, and there were better investment opportunities

from the perspective of performance growth, forestry stocks are quite prosperous this year, and many dark horse stocks have been popular: for example, Changlin shares, which once performed well, achieved a performance of 0.423 yuan per share in the first three quarters, an increase of 110% year-on-year; Although the performance of Yong'an Forestry has been flat for many years, it has also increased significantly this year. The interim report performance has more than doubled year-on-year. At the same time, it has also announced the annual report pre increase announcement; Since its listing, Jilin Forest Industry has maintained a trend of excellent performance growth. In the past four years, the earnings per share have been stable at around 0.35 yuan, while the current share price is only more than 6 yuan, which is a real low-cost blue chip stock

generally speaking, the performance growth of forestry listed companies is an inevitable product under the general environment, and this phenomenon of international and domestic supply exceeding demand is bound to be a long-term factor. Many capital operation experts are interested in the forestry sector and actively participate in the equity transactions of their listed companies. From the perspective of investors, we might as well pay attention to this sector in the medium and long term

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