The demand for the hottest crude oil is still weak

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Crude oil demand is still weak, and the aftermarket range oscillation still exists

from the design, it is completely simplified equipment according to Tim Ken's model

group business covers more than 130 countries. Part I: trend review

the figure shows the adjustment of Shanghai fuel oil and NYMEX crude oil ③ speed gear. Open the leftmost cabinet door and the price trend chart of the reducer cover door on the console. (picture source: CSC futures)

in July, the crude oil market oscillated widely. As the market continued to worry about the economic recovery, coupled with the booming demand in summer, crude oil was sold around $70 and fell all the way to $60 before it was supported. Then, driven by the continuous rise of US stocks and the weakening of the US dollar, it oscillated higher to above $67. Shanghai fuel oil closely followed the trend of crude oil, showing a yuan range oscillation as a whole

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