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There is a strong demand for flexible power batteries, and the localization rate of aluminum-plastic film is less than 10%

according to statistics, in 2016, China's power battery production capacity reached 30.8gwh, of which flexible batteries accounted for 12%. With the continuous development of battery technology, the penetration rate of flexible battery in the new energy vehicle market is expected to exceed 50% in the future. At present, a number of enterprises producing soft pack batteries, including Yiwei lithium energy, Penghui energy, Tianjin Co., Ltd., Tianjin Jiewei, Beijing Guoneng, etc., have made clear their plans for investment and expansion. Nowadays, the new energy vehicle market continues to be booming, and the power battery field shows a high-speed development trend. The market competition is increasingly fierce. In the development of power battery industry, flexible battery has become an important choice for the technical route of power battery because of its good safety performance, light weight, large capacity, small internal resistance and other advantages

domestic soft pack battery enterprises accelerate the investment and expansion of production

Tianjin shares:

on April 7, the research group of industrial chain research activities organized by the power battery application branch of China chemical and physical power industry association in conjunction with battery China (hereinafter referred to as the research group) came to Guangdong Tianjin New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. the research group learned that the construction of a new 4gwh capacity base of Tianjin shares in Foshan has begun, The first phase of the project will be put into operation at the end of the year, with a capacity of 2gwh

Yiwei lithium energy:

on April 8, the research team came to Huizhou Yiwei lithium energy Co., Ltd. The research team learned that the production capacity of Yiwei lithium energy will be significantly increased in 2017. At present, the battery production equipment of Yiwei lithium energy has achieved a high degree of intelligence, and the energy density of ternary laminated soft packed lithium battery is about 230wh/kg

Penghui energy:

on April 14, you must immediately click the stop button to exit the experimental state day. The research team entered Guangzhou Penghui Energy Technology Co., Ltd. and communicated with Liu Jiansheng, President of Penghui power battery research institute, and others on the development status and existing problems of power battery enterprises. The research team learned that the current production capacity of Penghui soft packaged power cell production line is 1GWh, with a daily output of 10000 units, In the future, it will grow steadily with the expansion of market scale

Tianjin Jiewei:

it is understood that Tianjin Jiewei has started the construction of phase III power battery project. Its large-scale production of soft packed lithium titanate battery has a service life of 20000 times and can be filled in 6 minutes. It is used in electric buses and energy storage

Beijing Guoneng:

Beijing Guoneng soft pack large capacity lithium iron phosphate battery 125wh/kg came out. In the 293 and 294 batches of new energy vehicle application catalogue released by the Ministry of industry and information technology, there are 24 and 54 vehicles respectively supporting the soft packed lithium iron phosphate battery produced by Beijing Guoneng

the demand for aluminum-plastic film continues to strengthen

as the main material for packaging soft pack batteries, with the continuous expansion of 3C and power battery market, the market demand also continues to strengthen, and many enterprises begin to focus on the field of aluminum-plastic film. According to the data of industry institutions, the demand for aluminum-plastic film for lithium batteries in China in 2016 (excluding factories of foreign-funded enterprises in China, except ATL) was 95million square meters, an increase of 44% year-on-year; Among them, the domestic output of aluminum-plastic film is 4.94 million square meters. Domestic aluminum plastic film accounts for only 7%. This means that there is still a huge import substitution market to tap in the field of aluminum-plastic film

at present, Daoming optoelectronics, Zijiang new materials, Xinlun technology, from the oil spill and other exports, we can see that enterprises such as sudanhuicheng, Dongguan Zhuoyue, Zhuhai Saiwei, fosu technology, mingguan new materials, Lianyungang Shenyuan have entered the field of aluminum-plastic film

Zijiang Enterprises:

in 2011, Zijiang enterprises began to test sell aluminum-plastic film. In order to rapidly industrialize the aluminum-plastic film project, Zijiang enterprises stripped the aluminum-plastic film project from Zijiang color printing in 2012 and prepared to establish Shanghai Zijiang New Material Technology Co., Ltd

after years of research and development, Zijiang enterprises have developed aluminum-plastic film, the packaging material for soft packed lithium batteries. The products have passed a new material processing technology, and have gradually attracted more attention. TL, Guangyu, Lishen and other large lithium battery manufacturers have been certified, with independent intellectual property rights. In 2016, Zijiang enterprises further strengthened the research and development of new products such as lithium battery aluminum plastic film, and are striving for rapid mass production. In 2016, its digital and power customer structure of aluminum-plastic film products accounted for 9:1

dominion optics:

as a wholly-owned subsidiary of dominion optics, dominion optoelectronics invested 550 million yuan in 2014 to build a new functional film production base with a total area of 67000 square meters. It has a lithium battery aluminum plastic composite film production line with an annual capacity of 15million square meters and a high-grade purification workshop. At the end of 2015, the company officially achieved mass production, and its products cover all fields of 3C digital batteries and power batteries

it is reported that the company mainly has Longyou and Yongkang production bases, of which Yongkang base has become a production and R & D platform for lithium battery flexible packaging film and micro prism reflective material products. At present, Daoming photoelectric aluminum plastic film products have achieved mass production

shineran Technology:

on April 5, 2016, shineran technology announced that the company acquired the Japanese heavy industry factory and related equipment, inventory, raw materials and other assets of aluminum plastic film soft packaging products held by t t t by acquiring 100% equity of the new company established by T tenertechno lithium battery aluminum plastic film soft packaging business spin off with a production capacity of about 2million square meters/month with a transfer of 550 million yuan

in addition, the announcement also shows that Xinlun technology will build a new lithium battery aluminum plastic film soft packaging product manufacturing plant in Changzhou, China, and T T will provide technical support and services for the design, construction and operation of the new plant. Xinlun technology plans to use its own funds of 100million yuan to set up a wholly-owned subsidiary in Jiangsu Province, Changzhou Xinlun to be responsible for the construction of the new factory

on January 21, 2017, Xinlun technology announced that the company plans to transfer part of the raised funds of 250million yuan from the "TAC functional optical film material project" to the wholly-owned subsidiary Changzhou Xinlun "high performance packaging material project for lithium battery cells" for the project's lithium battery aluminum plastic film flexible packaging product production line in Changzhou functional material industrial base, Jiangsu Province, with a planned capacity of 3million square meters/month

after merging with the production capacity of Changzhou base, the final production capacity of Xinlun technology will reach 5million square meters/month. On March 8, Xinlun technology plans to increase the capital of Changzhou Xinlun with its own funds of 220million yuan

Suda Huicheng:

the company introduced a complete set of aluminum-plastic film production equipment for lithium batteries from Japan. Since its inception, it has vigorously introduced production and equipment backbones with professional knowledge of the industry, and simultaneously cultivated a number of professional equipment operation and production talents

the company adopts the co extrusion composite process, and uses the co extruded high-temperature adhesive resin layer to bond the aluminum foil and PP heat sealing layer. The product has excellent electrolyte corrosion resistance and good packaging state; The thickness of PP layer of the product is adjustable, which can be adjusted within a certain range according to the needs of customers, and can fully meet the requirements of different products of customers. At present, the company's aluminum-plastic film products are in the stage of mass production

fosu Technology:

fosu technology aluminum plastic film project was initiated in 2008, and the product structure design and key performance breakthroughs were completed from 2008 to early 2011; From 2011 to the middle of 2012, complete the construction of plant and equipment, and enter the industrialization stage; Trial production began in the middle of 2012, and it was sent to key customers for batch trial evaluation. At the beginning of the year, it was officially marketed. In less than a year, the aluminum-plastic film of fosu technology has been delivered to more than 100 customers, and most of the trial battery factories are entering the stage of packaging and use of batch batteries

Dongguan Zhuoyue:

Dongguan Zhuoyue was founded in 2011 and originally belonged to the aluminum plastic film division of Dongguan zhuogo. It began small experiments in 2012 and was registered independently in 2015. Types of aluminum plastic film products: 113 μ M (silver), 88 μ M (silver), 115 μ M (black), 91 μ M (black), mainly used in digital battery enterprises. In November 2015, Dongguan Zhuoyue released the environmental impact report of construction projects, saying that the company invested 20million yuan to build a 1million square meter aluminum plastic film project


TONGCHAN Lixing said that the Jier project of Shenzhen lidefu New Energy Technology Co., Ltd., a joint-stock subsidiary of the company, has been put into production, and the lithium battery aluminum plastic composite film project has not been mass produced, but has completed research and development and obtained relevant patents. According to the 2016 annual report of TONGCHAN Lixing, the company achieved an operating revenue of 1.057 billion yuan, an increase of 3.49% year-on-year; The net profit attributable to shareholders of listed companies was 26.2785 million yuan, an increase of 244.17% year-on-year

localization is imperative

although the current market demand is gradually increasing, power battery enterprises still have many concerns when choosing domestic aluminum-plastic film. They have used imported aluminum-plastic film products for a long time, which has been mature in product adaptation. In addition, they are also worried about the performance of domestic aluminum-plastic film products

although there is still a certain gap between domestic aluminum-plastic film and imported products, in recent years, domestic aluminum-plastic film enterprises have been constantly improving and updating in terms of materials, technology and equipment, and their product quality, product consistency, and electrolyte resistance have been qualitatively improved. At the same time, in the field of power batteries, many enterprises began to gradually accept domestic aluminum-plastic film products, and some domestic mainstream battery enterprises have begun to test and debug domestic aluminum-plastic film products

according to the prediction of insiders, the domestic market demand for lithium battery aluminum plastic film will reach 128.5 million square meters in 2017, and the domestic output will reach 12million square meters. The market share of domestic aluminum plastic film is expected to exceed 10% this year. In addition, the demand for aluminum-plastic film in 3C, energy storage and other fields will also continue to grow. It is expected that the total size of the domestic aluminum-plastic film market will reach 11.6 billion yuan by 2020

it is understood that the cost of aluminum-plastic film accounts for 15% - 20% of the cost of soft pack batteries. It is estimated that by 2020, the domestic demand for aluminum-plastic film will reach 300million square meters. For such a large market demand, it is imperative to reduce the cost of aluminum-plastic film

for this, Industry experts said: "Domestic aluminum-plastic film has five advantages: first, it has the advantage of cost performance, and the gap between domestic price and imported price is maintained at more than 20% - 30%; second, it is performance guarantee, and the key performance indicators have reached or even exceeded the level of imported brands; third, it is flexible sales strategy, market development channels are more direct, and the transaction mode is more flexible; fourth, it is perfect after-sales service, with sufficient supply, timely distribution, and more comprehensive and fast technical services; fifth, good after-sales service Guarantee, dare to take risks and eliminate customer concerns. "

for domestic aluminum-plastic film, even if there will be more difficulties ahead, it can not prevent domestic enterprises from moving forward. With the increase of import substitution rate market, it is expected that the technical level of domestic aluminum-plastic film enterprises will be further improved. Domestic aluminum-plastic film will speed up import substitution through cost advantages. In the future, the market space is large, and the performance and requirements of domestic aluminum-plastic film will be tested soon

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